amanda aaryn big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Otev doesn't shake up the house as much as he shouldTime to find out if either Elissa or Helen can win the Power of Veto and take herself off the block. And will anyone ever make a move against Amanda or should we just hand her the “Big Brother 15” money and title now?

Post Nominations

Based on Helen’s Diary Room, she has fallen more for her fake Final 3 deal with McCrae and Andy than we thought she was. Huh. But Helissa are still optimistic that if one of them wins Veto, Spencer will go on the block and they can get him out. Hmm. Don’t be so sure, ladies. Amanda knows Helen is a threat to her game and that Spencer isn’t a threat to anything but human decency.

Helen mistakenly thinks Andy still has her back, but she should have figured out (long) before now that he’s in McCranda’s pocket and no one else’s.

Speaking of McCranda’s pocket, Amanda thinks she can help widen the rift between them and then bring Elissa into the fold once Helen is gone. We aren’t so sure about that — Elissa’s on to Amanda. But who else will Elissa align with?

Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Aaryn, Helen and Elissa, the players are GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy (Elissa’s houseguest choice). Before the comp, Andy keeps right on lying to Helen about using the POV on her if he wins, but he of course has no intention of doing that. But stop freaking out, Andy. Just throw the comp. It’d be better for you to throw the comp and let Helen win than if you win the POV.

Amanda accuses him of being a wuss who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, which is rich. Amanda hasn’t won crap in this house, so she has no idea how it might affect her game if she had to make nominations or use/not use POV. She may be pulling the strings, but she has avoided having to make any actual moves herself in the house. So, lay off Andy.

His best move right now is to throw the POV.

Anyway, so the POV is the Otev competition, where they have to answer questions and the last person back is out. In what is not a surprise, this is a very physical competition. In what is a bit of a surprise, Elissa wins. She’s kind of a beast, in fact. And Helen is surprisingly weak. She got knocked out when she was halfway up the ramp and had three people then beat her to the top.

Gross Amanda cannot even contain her glee that Helen gets knocked out. It’s also kind of sad to watch Helen be happy for Elissa. Not that Helen wouldn’t be happy for her if Helen knew what was really going on, but it’s sad how much she thinks she has this in the bag to get Spencer out.

Helen has played such a good game so far, but she really dropped the ball on being able to read the house these last couple weeks. She should’ve cut Amanda before Amanda cut her. Alas, too little, too late.

The POV Ceremony

Amanda decides to tell Elissa the plan to evict Helen, in the hopes that Elissa starts to think she can trust Amanda and work with her going forward. Gotta give her credit, Amanda’s playing a great game. Too bad she turned out to be such a jerk.

And lest you argue that you can’t play a good game like this without being a jerk, we would like to offer you Dr. Will as a perfect example of a lying schemer who wasn’t going around saying really gross and ugly things about people.

Anyway, after being clued in to the real plan, Helen appeals to Aaryn to keep her around and to put up Amanda as the replacement nominee. Now, we saw on the live feeds that this plan got some serious consideration from Aaryn and was definitely not helped by the fact that Amanda has a fight with Aaryn later (as you’ll see).


So, a big fight erupts over Aaryn and Andy reliving winegate from back when David was still in the house. It’s stupid, but in this particular fight between Aaryn and Amanda, we’re on Amanda’s side. Her comment about checking people’s teeth to see who stole the wine is nowhere near as jerky as Jeremy stealing a bottle of wine for him and his cronies.

Aaryn cries about how all she does is do Amanda’s bidding in the house. Um, so STOP DOING HER BIDDING, DUMMY. You can do that, you know. You can change your allegiance and put her on the block! You’ve won four HOHs and Amanda has won NOTHING. Be a woman, Aaryn. Stand up to her.

In the end, however, Aaryn can’t pull the trigger on backdooring Amanda, which is a shame. Spencer is the replacement nominee and we fully expect Helen to be evicted unanimously tomorrow night (or maybe Elissa votes to evict Spencer). Aaryn even DRs how scary Amanda is. Um, then get people together and boot her butt.

Another week, another unanimous (or nearly unanimous) vote. Booooo. Snoozefest.

Join us here tomorrow night for a live blog of the eviction plus we’ll get to find out who is returning to the house from jury! Who do you hope wins it? Sign up for the live feeds now to watch the fallout after tomorrow night’s returning player.

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