jessie andy big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Power of Veto results and plansThe “Big Brother 15” Week 7 Power of Veto competition is over, so read on to find out how it went down and if the winner plans to use it. Or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along with the action yourself.

The new Head of Household is Andy and he has nominated Jessie and Spencer because that’s what his alliance (McCrae, Amanda and Aaryn, called “3 a.m.”) wants. Then Andy went and won the Power of Veto, but he has assured 3 a.m. that he has no plans to use it. And we don’t think he will, that would create too many waves.

The only interesting thing to watch this week is if Jessie can save herself. She’s the target, which is kind of dumb because the girl has next to no game and she doesn’t win competitions. We wonder if Helen and Elissa will figure out they need to keep her and see if they can convince GinaMarie or McCrae to secretly flip on voting Spencer out.

The votes this week are Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie and Aaryn. If Helen/Elissa can work a tie, they might be able to convince Andy to evict Spencer. Maybe. In all probability, probably not. But hopefully they’ll at least try, or this is going to be a very boring week indeed.

You’d think they would recognize that Spencer is a way bigger threat to win the money than Jessie is. Nobody really likes her and she has zero argument about her game play. While we think Spencer is a big ol’ creep, the house seems to like him and it would be pretty remarkable if he got to the end after all of his alliances have imploded.

So, here’s hoping that some hamsters try to shake things up a bit this week.

In other news, McCrae and Amanda continue to have problems. Flashback on the feeds to between 9 and 10 p.m. if you’d like to watch them fight again. Still, McCrae knows better than to “break up” with her, so he’ll probably just ride the nookie-and-misery train all the way to the end if the other hamsters don’t wise up.

And finally, I have a funny thing to share, readers — I woke up this morning thinking I had to write a story for you about the croquet-themed Power of Veto competition that had to be re-done because one of two of Aaryn’s croquet balls got lost and production didn’t notice and declared Helen the winner and Aaryn got mad and finally production did a POV comp do-over.

It was all a dream I had. So, you know you’ve perhaps been watching too much “Big Brother” when you start to dream about it. Thankfully, in this dream I was just an observer and not a contestant, like a dream I had a couple weeks ago. Now THAT was scary.

Thanks for reading, check back here tomorrow for the POV ceremony results.

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