big brother 15 nudity amanda topless ginamarie stripper 'Big Brother 15': Sex, stripping and scheming on the live feedsThe live feeds certainly heated up Sunday night (July 7) in the “Big Brother 15” house. Keep reading to find out what’s going on, or sign up for the live feeds so you can watch all the shenanigans for yourself.

First off, it sounds as though Kaitlin and Jeremy had sex in the Head of Household room. All together now — EWWWWW.

But seriously, they start hard-core fooling around a little after midnight PT and then the cameras cut away for a while. Then when the cameras come back, it seems like post-coital bliss. There were also these exchanges:

Kaitlin: “Do you wanna stop?”
Jeremy: “Do I look like I wanna stop?”

J: “We could take a shower with our bathing suits.”
K: “OK, that’s even more obvious.”

K: “Just shut up and get on top of me. … They already know, it’s obvious right now.”

Oh, dear. Then later, around 4:30 PT, Kaitlin says to Jeremy, “This can’t happen every day … I’m just freaking out because I don’t think I’ll have any self-control to not do it every day.”

We wonder if that’ll make it to air. Also, Kaitlin has been talking about blood in her urine and a bladder infection, so sex with a guy you just met is definitely the right direction to take right now, we think. For sure.

But those were not the only naked shenanigans happening last night. Amanda decided it was time to get crazy and she paraded around the house and backyard topless, with pasties over her nipples. Woo woo?

Of course, this made several of the girls feel, we don’t know, inadequate? Desperate for some of the attention?

So, Jessie was parading around in her underwear, and GinaMarie dressed up in a stripper outfit, then tried to get all up on Howard and Nick, neither of whom were very interested. Spencer, however, was quite interested. It’s always nice when some c-words will take their clothes for you, huh, Spence?

Finally, the house is still in chaos about the MVP replacement nominee once Jeremy takes himself down. Judd and Amanda are adamantly campaigning to keep Elissa in the house, so they want Elissa to put up Kaitlin because they think it’ll be easier to get her out than Nick.

They’re not wrong. Nick is pretty solid in the house at this point. But Amanda also says she refuses to be intimidated and bullied by Jeremy and that they need to keep Elissa around so they can control the MVP nomination.

If Amanda and Judd can rally Andy, Candice, Jessie and then convince McCrae, it won’t matter that they don’t have Spencer and Howard with them.

Also, Amanda is starting to suspect the guys’ alliance, so she really needs to chat with Candice, because they are both very close to piecing it all together.

Monday should be an interesting day in the house, as Elissa wrestles with who to nominate when Jeremy comes off the block. And then it’ll be two full days of scheming before Thursday’s live eviction. Fun times!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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