amanda spencer jessie big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Spencer is hard at work on Amanda leaving the houseThe hamsters are restless in the “Big Brother 15” house, gang. Read on to find out just what they’ve been up to, or just sign up for the live feeds — which have been very entertaining this week.

Spencer is working hard to keep Howard in the house and right now, his tactic is to see if he can get people to flip on Amanda — whom he calls “the biggest whore in Florida,” because that’s how he rolls.

GinaMarie seems on board to get Amanda out. She’s acted to Andy and Aaryn like she’s still on board with the plan to evict Howard, but in reality she’s still mad her “showmance” got evicted and she’d love to split up McCrae and Amanda. We bet you anything that if Spencer can round up the votes, GinaMarie will be one of them.

Meanwhile, Andy and Judd are the two others Spencer is working on, which is a mistake in one regard. Judd might be convinced to change his vote, but Andy will not be. Andy is so far in McCranda’s pocket it’s not even funny. But Judd has Jessie, who will do just about anything he wants, especially in light of Amanda freaking out on her before the Power of Veto competition about how she better not take luxuries.

(Amanda went a bit cuckoo for cocoa puffs this week, if you haven’t heard.)

Honestly, we think if it really came down to it, most of the house would see the virtue in getting Amanda out, but they all seem too scared to admit. Aaryn and GM have talked about how Amanda is the Queen Bee of the house and they’re right. She’s kind of running things and she and McCrae are a huge power couple because you’re never more loyal than to someone you’re hooking up with all the time.

Speaking of Amanda, she once again said something about Candice receiving bodily harm — “I hope Candice trips and falls on my tweezers and pops an eyeball out” — and then she admitted she’s gotten in trouble twice with Big Brother for making threatening remarks.

That Amanda, she’s turned out to be a real peach, huh?

In other news, the paranoia in the house grows and grows every week with this MVP thing, which is awesome. The latest conspiracy theory amongst the women is that Judd is some kind of mad supergenius who is MVP, secret HOH, a CEO and just generally a BMOC. Or maybe just that first part, but still. It’s hilarious. Judd is playing a better game than people realize, but he’s not really masterminding the house.

But guess who has really started to notice Judd? Aaryn. Apparently she’s over David and needs a new cuddle-bunny because she keeps making overtures toward Judd, under the guise of “joking” with him, but she “jokes” about being naked and sitting on his face, so.

Aaryn can’t believe he isn’t responding to her, because, you know, all guys respond to her all the time. Countdown to the “he’s gay” line of thinking in 3, 2, 1 …

But you know what we actually can’t wait for in this regard? If Jessie gets wind that Aaryn is making a play for her man. That fight could be epic.

Anyway, there is still over 48 hours in the house before Thursday’s eviction, so hopefully Spencer and Howard don’t give up (because we love when the house flips). Do you think they can pull off an Amanda ouster?

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