mccrae big brother 15 2 'Big Brother 15': The Exterminators put their plans in motionLast week’s jam-packed double eviction episode on “Big Brother 15” featured a lot of scrambling that happened during the commercial breaks, so that’s what we get to see first on the show tonight.

Double Eviction Behind-the-Scenes

After Amanda leaves (we spend like an hour re-watching her exit), it’s time for McCrae to figure out who turned on him, Andy or Elissa. Poor, stupid Elissa demonstrates again how poor she is at this game by asking McCrae if HE voted Amanda out. Remember how she told Julie Chen she doesn’t think Andy flipped because he was so “shocked” when Amanda got evicted? Elissa is kind of a doof in terms of game play.

Once McCrae wins HOH, Elissa and Andy are each scrambling to beg and plead with him not to put them up because he/she was the loyal one. Interestingly, McCrae thinks Andy flipped but he still targets Elissa because that’ll create the least amount of waves. Huh. McCrae has more going on than we thought during this. We figured he just still blindly trusted Andy.

Elissa makes a good argument when she says nobody in jury will vote for her. Yes, guys. Use your brains — nobody really likes Elissa that much except Helen, plus everybody knows she’s wealthy (or her husband is) and so she doesn’t need the money. She’s also not a great game-player and is easily manipulated, so I would have absolutely kept her around in my pocket.

The big crux of the issue once Judd wins POV is Elissa telling him she had nothing to do with Judd’s eviction. Now, she did vote him out, but the backdoor Judd plan was masterminded by Helen and Amanda, so she’s not lying.

How do we feel about Andy? Honestly, out of the five hamsters left, we think he’s played the best game out of anybody still there. We think he has a great argument to win the money. He’s not a floater — Andy has had alliances that he’s loyal to, he’s just also been sneaky as all get-out and able to keep his fingers in a lot of pies.

The Next HOH

So, McCrae cries a little about his nightly nookie being gone, and then we get down to business with the Head of Household competition. At this point, it seems as though it’s a foregone conclusion that McCrae is out if he doesn’t win POV, because he can’t play for HOH and the Exterminators want him out. But don’t be so sure.

GinaMarie celebrates this turn of events by … acting like a rat and doing some weird dance moves. Yeah.

McCrae rightly DRs that “no one’s really seem him play so far.” Um, no kidding. Your game has sucked, “Big Brother” superfan. You do not deserve to win the money, pizza boy.

The next HOH competition involves the HGs having to recognize pixelated image of a comp and then assemble a puzzle of the person’s face who won that competition. Slowest each round is out, plus the winner gets to give a special “gift” to someone else.

Round 1 is the baby comp, which means Jeremy is the face they need to assemble. Andy is the slowest and is out and Judd is the fastest.

Round 2 is the casino competition, which Aaryn won. GM is fastest and Judd is out, after kind of losing his mind over a piece of Aaryn’s hair he can’t fit into the puzzle. Heh. In the finals, the comp is the express delivery, which Helen won. McCrae comments that he is rooting for Spencer, which, yes, he should be. GM seems like the most loyal to the Exterminators — she’s just super into having a group, it seems like — whereas Spencer can probably be flipped on a dime.

After Spencer wins, McCrae is pretty excited, though he does say he’ll “have to start playing.” Yeah, it sucks when you can ride your girlfriend’s butt all the way to Final 5 and now you actually have to do something.

The “gifts” that Spencer gets to give out include GM/McCrae being tied together for 24 hours, Judd getting to do exercises for 24 hours when a drill sergeant tells him to and Andy getting a chance to win up to $5000. Luckily, the not-friends-with-benefits bracelet is long enough to give GM and/or McCrae enough slack to go to the bathroom alone.

Spencer’s HOH Room

He gets some really cute pictures of himself and his girlfriend, Marilyn. We would really like Spencer if he weren’t so free-wheeling with calling women the c-word. We’re just not down with that.

Anyway, McCrae and GM are off chained together and MC tries to make inroads with GM in terms of a Final 2 deal (just to keep him safe this week), but GM’s savvier than that. She knows he’s dangerous and that he’s on to the Exterminators alliance, so she acts excited to his face, but she DRs that he needs to go.

As Judd’s punishment continues with the drill sergeant stuff, it’s actually pretty funny, especially when Spencer says how hilarious it is to see Judd do lunges in his “skinny jeans.” Oh, Spencer. Those aren’t skinny jeans. Heh.

Andy’s reward lets him smash three piggy banks and take home what’s inside. Fun! But he only ends up $94.83! Hahaha. That’s awesome.


Spencer acts like this is going to be a tough decision, but frankly, we felt as soon as he won HOH that GM and McCrae were obviously going to be nominated. Spencer just seems much more loyal to the dudes. He also reassures McCrae up and down that he’s going up, but GM is the target.

Predictably, that’s what happens. It really doesn’t even matter this week since everybody plays for POV and that will determine everything. With two Exterminators as the votes this week, McCrae’s in trouble if he doesn’t win POV.

The final weeks are pretty fun on the live feeds, so sign up for them if you want to follow along online. Only 10 more days, BB fans!

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