the exterminators big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': The Exterminators try to bamboozle McCraeThe “Big Brother 15” house isn’t terrible crazy right now, but there are some crazy things being talked about. Read on to find out what’s happening or just sign up for the live feeds to watch the end of the season play out for yourself.

McCrae won the Power of Veto and he’s on the block, so he’s planning on taking himself off. Weirdly, Spencer and Andy are trying to get him to use it on GinaMarie with the promise that they’ll vote out Judd once he is the replacement nom. Uh, we guess you have to try? But it’s insane — McCrae would never, ever do that. He didn’t even use the POV on his own girlfriend.

What Spencer and Andy really need to do is just figure out who they want to vote out. They have gone ’round and ’round (and ’round and ’round) about who they are voting out and it’s barely Monday morning in the BB house.

Their thinking is that GM would be easier to beat in upcoming comps, which is a very good point because girlfriend is banged up, but that Judd would be easier to beat at the end, which is also true because he got a break from the game and GM has a lot of friends on the jury.

It’s quite the toss up and Spencer and Andy are talking it over to death.

As we said yesterday, Judd continues to make their decision easier by freaking out about going home. Nobody likes a whiner who is constantly pestering you and Judd is kind of losing it at the prospect of leaving again (remember his off-camera begging like a wounded animal the night of the first double eviction? That was so sad.)

But it makes it a lot easier to vote him out because you’re so sick of him. He really needs to learn to just play it cool, a la GinaMarie.

Either way, we expect Judd to be the replacement nominee later today when McCrae takes himself off during the POV ceremony. And then it really is anybody’s guess who will get evicted on Wednesday’s special eviction episode.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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