jessie nominated big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': The Power of Veto plan goes awry but it hardly mattersOn the latest “Big Brother 15” episode, we see if either Spencer or Jessie can win the Power of Veto. Because if Jessie doesn’t win, she’s toast.

Post Nominations

Amanda crows in the Diary Room about Andy doing what she wants because Jessie stirs up a lot of trouble for Amanda in the house. Meanwhile, Helen is not pleased that Andy didn’t put up McCrae/Amanda. Will she finally realize that Andy’s not as loyal to her as McCranda? Spoiler alert: nope.

Helen needs to wake up and smell what Amanda is cooking, because she will be out the door next week if she’s not careful. And just as we type that, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy and McCrae solidify “3 a.m.,” their final four alliance.

It’s a solid move on their part, but we hope they don’t just skate to the final four. That will be so, so boring.

And back to Helen — “I’m starting to get a little worried about Andy and my ability to trust him.” Um, hello, Helen! Can you not see that Andy is not loyal to you?! (Which is all very well and good for us to say sitting here, but still. Keep your head in the game, Helen.)

Amanda smartly decides that McCrae and Andy need to make a fake final three alliance with Helen so that Helen rests on her laurels and then they evict her the first chance they get. Hmmm. We’ll come back to that later.

But either way, it appears Helen kind of falls for it. Later, Helen approaches Andy about this “alliance” idea and Andy can barely hide his poop-eating grin. Dude, get a better poker face. And actually, Andy and McCrae should realize that they actually CAN’T beat Amanda in the finals. Nobody can, so if you want to win, get her out.

But if McCrae really likes Amanda like he seems to, he will never cut her loose because he would never get her back outside the house if he helped get her evicted.

The Power of Veto Competition

Alongside Andy, Jessie and Spencer, Helen, Elissa and Amanda are chosen to play for POV. Prior to the competition, Amanda conspires to see if they can throw the Veto to Helen, with everybody folding so that Helen gets all the points.

It’s a good plan, except Spencer is not on board because he’s on the block. And also, why is Amanda still targeting Jessie this week? Didn’t she just say they need to get Helen out the first chance they get? Hmm.

Anyway, the rules are you guess how many of something there are and after everybody reveals an answer, you can stay or fold. If you stay and you’re closest, you win a movie ticket. First person to three tickets wins POV. But if you stay and you’re farthest away, you’re eliminated.

Also, McCrae’s outfit explains why Andy was dressed as Count Dracula during the “Big Brother” wedding.

For the bats, I guessed 300, which is what Helen guesses (and nearly what Jessie guesses), but it turns out there were 468 and Spencer would’ve won if he stayed. Whoops, Spencer.

On the brains, I guess 25 brains. Guess I couldn’t see how many jars there were, ’cause that’s not even close. Anyway, everybody folds but Helen and Helen wins another ticket. There were actually 88 brains and Elissa would’ve won.

For the coins, I guess 500. This time, Helen and Spencer stay and Spencer is the closest, so Helen’s out! Wow. Also, it’s asking a lot for a guy on the block to throw the comp.

Anyway, the competition now continues in earnest, with Elissa mathy mathing some math in the Diary Room in a ridiculous way. The next ticket goes to Andy, then Jessie gets knocked out by stupidly staying when she guessed way bigger than everybody else, who were all in the neighborhood of 700. Yeah, that was dumb strategy.

Andy wins the final question and now he wins the POV (after Elissa folds and takes herself out of the running, which, she wouldn’t have won anyway, but c’mon lady).

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Amanda is acting like Spencer might go home because he messed up the POV plan, while Helen has visions of backdooring Amanda in her head. But don’t be fooled. First off, Amanda has her evil sights set on Jessie, so there’s no way she’s going to target Spencer now. And secondly, Andy is not nearly ballsy enough to backdoor Amanda, even if he wasn’t aligned with her.

Predictably, Andy leaves his nominations alone and the show wants to create tension that Spencer might be in trouble, but don’t be fooled. This is a boring week, game-wise. For some reason, everybody sees the non-strategic, unstable girl as someone who needs to go.

It’s kind of mind-boggling, but Amanda definitely is ruling the house with an iron fist — you can see by her final DR that who goes home next week all depends on her mood. This week’s Head of Household is crucial in terms of the balance of power in the house.

Also, we would really be enjoying watching Amanda run the table in this game, if she hadn’t turned out to be such a raging a-hole half the time. Sorry, Amanda. We hope McCrae wises up and cuts you loose.

Sign up for the live feeds in order to, well, mostly watch McCrae and Amanda get busy in the house right now. But we anticipate this coming week will be a lot of fun.

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