aaryn gries head of household big brother 'Big Brother 15': The Week 2 Head of Household is ...There’s a new sheriff in town on “Big Brother 15.” Read on to find out who it is, or just sign up for the live feeds to find out for yourself.

So, she may have lost a modeling contract due to her awful, racist comments, but Aaryn Gries is the new Head of Household in the BB house. This week is going to be unbearable, y’all.

UPDATE: Aaryn has also been removed from the Bella Petite modeling search

Aaryn and Jeremy won the pairs HOH competition (read all about it here), and apparently Jeremy decided to give Aaryn HOH. Who do you think she’ll nominate?

The way Aaryn plays this game is, basically, girls are catty, girls suck, I’m hot, don’t talk to my man (who is now gone) and Elissa is the devil. So we’re assuming Aaryn will put up two girls she doesn’t like, probably Elissa and Candice (after hat-gate). Or maybe Helen, she doesn’t seem to like Helen either.

The Moving Company will be thrilled, because the HOH this week can basically be their puppet via Jeremy.

Also, Aaryn got to name the Have Nots. She picked Helen, Candice, Andy and Elissa. Shocker.

The MVP will be huge. Who do you think it should be, hamster fans?

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