big brother cast 15th season 'Big Brother 15' twists completely change the game   for the better“Big Brother” announced two very important twists to the game on the premiere episode Wednesday (June 26). We previously knew that America would pick an MVP each week and that there would three nominees (instead of the usual two) each week.

We were hesitant at first about the twists because while we liked the change-up of having three nominees, because of how much trickier that would make being Head of Household, we weren’t sold on having America pick an MVP. We could foresee a lot of situations where a great player is “outed” to the house by being voted MVP when he or she is playing a really good covert game.


Now it turns out there are two elements to the twists we did not yet know and they make us the most excited we’ve been for a season since all-stars.

First off, the MVP is anonymous. America votes, but only the winner is told that he or she is the MVP. That’s outstanding — nobody will be “outed” to the house.

Secondly, the MVP makes the third nomination, not the HOH. So, not only could the MVP shake things up, but the MVP could BE the HOH. Or the MVP could be on the block! And then it’s all about picking someone he or she thinks is beatable.

It’s such a simple, yet genius way to shake up the game. This might be the best twist the game has ever had. This completely changes everything while not dismantling what we all love about “Big Brother.”

Frankly, we can’t believe it took 14 seasons to come up with this. But we’re sure glad it’s here.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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