ginamarie hammock big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Was Jeremy warned about a gay slur? Aaryn and GinaMarie not taking the hintsIt would seem that CBS is maybe trying to tell the idiot “Big Brother 15” houseguests who keep using horrible slurs to cut it out — but some of them just won’t get the hint. You can follow along on the live feeds, it’s certainly interesting.

First off, Monday (July 8) afternoon, some of the houseguests were sitting around outside quizzing each other on their personal lives, to see how well they know each other by now. When Amanda asks the group, “What’s my boyfriend’s name?”, Jeremy’s response was, “F*****.” He was promptly called to the Diary Room.

About 30 minutes after he came out of the Diary Room, a discussion started in the backyard about gay marriage and gay rights. We don’t know who started the discussion, the feeds were on fish and when they came back, the discussion was already taking place between Jeremy, Andy and Aaryn.

Now, some people are saying that Jeremy obviously was warned in the Diary Room and then came out to do some damage control. It’s not as cut and dried as that, if you watch it. It starts on the feeds about 2:15 PT, with the gay rights discussion coming around 2:45.

However, with all the negative publicity some of these houseguests are getting, it wouldn’t surprise us if Jeremy was warned and told to make himself not look like he was bashing on gay people. Amanda has already made a reference to the houseguests being warned about using racial slurs.

If the houseguests are being warned, guess who is not taking the hint? Surprise, surprise, it’s Aaryn. Honestly, we’re almost starting to feel bad for this girl because she’s just so ignorant and moronic.

First off, she was informed yesterday that the live feeds have a flashback feature and everyone can see what has happened on them at any time. She promptly lost her mind a little at that revelation.

Secondly, she has really been busting out the racism, aiming it at her favorite target, Candice. Here are some of Aaryn’s greatest hits (and these are just from yesterday).

Aaryn: “How come they don’t pick, like, half-black people that are fun? How come all of the half-black people they choose are all annoying. Think about it, for so many seasons.”
McCrae: “That sounds vaguely racist.”
Aaryn: “It does, but like, they do it on purpose. They are the racist ones, not me.”

Then later, Candice relays a conversation to some of the houseguests that she had with Aaryn, where apparently Candice and Amanda were talking about their middle names and Candice tried to include Aaryn in the conversation. Aaryn’s response was completely off-the-wall and demonstrative of more ignorance (and also her staggering lack of self-awareness).

“To say Shaniqua to someone … I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s your middle name?’ and she’s like, ‘Shaniqua!’ — What does that have to do with anything?” says Candice. We wonder that, too.

When Amanda says that maybe Aaryn was joking around, Howard says, “When you add the element of dislike to it, it’s not joking anymore.”

No, it’s not. Aaryn doesn’t like Candice and so she continually attacks her race — both overtly (to her friends in the house) and more indirectly (to Candice’s face) — because that’s something Aaryn sees as a negative aspect of Candice that she can bag on.

There are ways to talk smack about someone without using their race. Why do you have to use race? Does Candice’s race have anything to do with how she treats Aaryn? No. Also, from what we’ve seen, Candice is generally pretty nice Aaryn, so.

But Aaryn is not the only one. This conversation took place in the hammock yesterday between GinaMarie and Kaitlin.

GM: “I’ve never met more of a fake b**** than Candice. With her voice, she tries to act white, but then when she gets into the frickin’ zone, she acts frickin’ mad ghetto. First of all, turn down the blackness.”
Kaitlin: “[laughs] No, turn it up. Turn it up! … I’ve made so much fun of her in the DR and I don’t even feel bad.”

Then after talking about jokes she has also made in the Diary Room, GinaMarie says, “I’m so gonna get in trouble right now, I gotta stop talking before they call me out.”

She could mean that she’s going to get in trouble for talking about the Diary Room sessions, which is something the hamsters do get chastised about. But she could also mean she’s going to get in trouble for talking about Candice “acting white” or “acting black,” as if there is such a thing.

So, is CBS trying to help these hamsters? Maybe. What’s sad is that they don’t seem to care. It kind of blows our minds to think that they might be tipped off to the backlash they are receiving for their ignorant remarks and yet they continue to make them.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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