amanda zuckerman evicted big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' Week 10 elimination live blog: Is Amanda Zuckerman on her way out?It’s been a big week in the “Big Brother 15” house. GinaMarie won Head of Household and made arguably the biggest move of the summer by nominating McCrae and Amanda against one another.

McCrae took himself off the block with POV and now Elissa and Amanda think they have the votes for Amanda to stay, but we don’t think Andy’s on board. We’re expecting a 2-2 tie with GM sending Amanda’s butt out the door. Should be another epic Chenterview.

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9:00 — Woo woo, Julie looks smashing in bright green, what a flattering color on her. Also, happy 500th episode of this show. We know we’ve seen almost all 500 of those.

9:04 — Amanda is now railing on GinaMarie for being jealous of McCranda and that’s why she nominated them. GM is a bit weird about her Nick thing, but we definitely don’t think this is because she’s jealous. It’s a strong game move and GM knows it. Amanda’s just mad

9:06 — Meanwhile, Elissa considers flipping her vote to keep Amanda, which is not a terrible idea for Elissa’s game because she has almost no one in the house. The problem with this plan is that Amanda doesn’t know Andy has totally abandoned her ship.

— Now, we will say that us live-feeds watchers suspect Elissa wasn’t really considering this move until production asked her some key questions in the Diary Room. But hey, if production didn’t stir the pot, this show would probably be really boring sometimes, so. Also, this sets up GinaMarie casting the vote to evict Amanda after this crazypants bonkers fight went down last night, so that’s pretty delicious.

9:12 — The HGs are informed of the live eviction and now it’s time to vote. Spencer knows he’s safe, so he just gives shout-outs. Amanda, meanwhile, seems pretty confident this is going to go her way, which is interesting. We figured she would have a sense of what was going on by now.

9:15 — The votes are tied 2-2, like we expected. This ought to be fun.

9:16 — While Julie explains what’s happening, Amanda’s eyes are throwing bullets at Andy and Elissa. Does she know who didn’t vote her way? GM tells Amanda to “get to steppin'” and Amanda is out of there. On her way out she says to Andy, “I thought I could trust you” and he tries to say she could, but she’s not buying it.

9:18 — Interestingly, Amanda thinks Elissa may have flipped and Andy is still trustworthy. Huh. She also seems to have thrown some shade at Andy on purpose? To make Spencer think Andy is loyal.

9:20 — She also says she’s not a bully and that she was just honest with people. Well, that’s not exactly what happened. She also says us on the outside can’t know what it’s like in the house. Again, us live-feed watchers got to see an awful lot of ugliness.

— In his goodbye message, Andy tells Amanda everything about the Exterminators, which is probably really smart. She’ll respect that game play move. Andy is really making some good moves to win this whole thing, y’all.

9:23 — Oh, and in case you’re wondering why Julie went so easy on Amanda after stuff like this, Julie can’t sit there and out things that never made it to air on CBS. Aaryn’s stuff aired, Amanda’s largely didn’t. It’s not fair, but there it is.

9:27 — Mad-dash BB time. The HOH competition is a fetch-themed challenge, digging for bones and whatnot. Don’t be like Jeff and throw your clown shoe out with the bathwater and all that.

9:29 — McCrae wins HOH, so that’s interesting. Not only are we incredibly curious how this plays out, but he’s not eligible for the HOH later tonight, which means he’ll be in danger. If we were him, we would have maybe thrown this one and hoped we could win POV because if he survives, he needs to win the next HOH.

9:34 — McCrae nominates GinaMarie and Elissa, wow. He thinks Elissa flipped on Amanda? Or he just wants Elissa out either way?

9:39 — POV time. It’s a maze. Wow. We only have 20 minutes left, Julie. Geez. Also, Elissa has to win this or she’s toast.

9:42 — Andy looks to be way ahead, but Judd actually comes through in the end and wins. There’s no way he uses the POV, so Elissa should be evicted unanimously. That’s a shame because now the chances of interesting live feeds are almost nil. We were excited to see Amanda get got, but with her and Elissa both gone? Borrrrrrring.

9:47 — Julie says let’s listen to some last-minute strategizing but we don’t get to hear much because of somebody’s potty mouth. They’re arguing about something … something Elissa didn’t know? It’s unclear.

9:49 — Turns out they were arguing about who knew about Judd’s backdoor. Both women claim not to have known. Anyway, Judd does not use the POV. It’s a shame Elissa didn’t do a better job getting in good with him because at one time, they had a final two deal. Honestly, if Judd were really using his brain, he’d see that Elissa needs to stay because she will not win the money and GM might. But it’s looking like the Exterminators have Final 4 all sewn up.

9:53 — In her speech, Elissa makes the only argument she can, namely that GM has more jury votes to win and Elissa is the smart choice to keep. She’s right, but they won’t. At this point, we think Andy deserves to win. He’s played a very good game.

9:55 — Predictably, Elissa is evicted 3-0. And McCrae can’t play for HOH tonight, so the Exterminators should cruise unless McCrae wins POV.

— In an absolute demonstration of how bad a game-player Elissa is, she thinks McCrae turned on Amanda because Andy looked so shocked when the votes were tied. Oh, honey.

9:59 — As we suspected based on the number of HGs left, next Wednesday is an eviction episode and then so is Thursday, leaving the final three in place by the end of next week.

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