jeremy big brother 15 week 3 'Big Brother 15' Week 3 elimination live blog: Is Jeremy McGuire toast?It’s time to send the third hamster packing out of the “Big Brother 15” house. Will another seemingly strong guy be booted, which would definitely be a first in BB history? Based on what we’ve seen on the live feeds, that’s a big yes.

But you never know what kind of wheeling and dealing Jeremy has managed to do in the last 24 hours. He is certainly trying his hardest to stay in the house, which is nice to see. We hate it when someone rolls over and dies.

Join us here at 9 p.m. ET/PT as we watch the live show unfold — we’re most curious as to who gets the next Head of Household.

All times Eastern.

— The previouslies remind us all the stuff we just saw last night — in case you forgot already.

9:04 — The hunters have become the hunted?! If only this show were as high stakes as “The Most Dangerous Game.”

9:07 — Aaryn reminds us how hard life is for cute, successful people and that Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s good at competitions. Uh, that word? You’re using it wrong.

9:08 — Then Jeremy puts on the weird baby-fetish outfit that GinaMarie wore for the previous Power of Veto. That outfit needs to go away and never, ever return. Gross, dude.

9:09 — He’s working so hard to stay in the house and he swears on his word, y’all. Swears on his word. So, you know he’s legit.

9:10 — Aaryn also goes about doing her damage control around the house because — pssst, everyone hates her. Kind of funny that in real life, her family is doing damage control too. Though Aaryn is nice to people for like 5 seconds and wants a huge pat on the back.

9:13 — Now we have one of the most outstanding pranks in BB history. The gang hides GinaMarie’s Annie’s Boobs collection of Nick’s things (which is literally starting to include garbage) and GM loses her freakin’ mind. It was amazing on the live feeds, y’all. Amazing.

9:17 — Jeremy is working HARD to get Helen and Elissa to keep him. They say that if he’d come in less pompous and arrogant, he would’ve done better in the game. He’s also promising them the moon and stars to stay, but Hel-El isn’t really buying it.

amanda mccrae 'Big Brother 15' Week 3 elimination live blog: Is Jeremy McGuire toast?9:22 — After some blah-blah with Julie Chen and the hamsters, we get a delightful segment interviewing McCrae and Amanda’s families. Their showmance is adorable and we hope they stay together outside the house.

9:28 — Time for some voting. We predict only GM and Kaitlin don’t vote Jeremy out. But first, it’s speech time. Jeremy knows he’s going, Aaryn is rocking her Dolly Parton and Spencer Boomhauers some stuff.

— Surprisingly, GM votes to evict Jeremy. So by a vote of 9-1, Jeremy is out the door. As a person, we don’t much care for him, but as a game player, it’s a shame he’s gone. He’s a better gamer than Aaryn by a mile.

9:38 — Hopefully Jeremy left behind plenty of stuff for Kaitlin’s shrine.

— “Guns hot” is not the phrase, Jeremy. Also, you lost plenty of competitions and, as Julie points out, you just lost “Big Brother.” Work on that “humbling down” thing.

— Jeremy says he’s not a bully, he’s just “intimidating looking.” Uh, you were a total bully last week when you thought Kaitlin might get put on the block. You were practically threatening physical harm to the entire house. Also, remember how you rubbed Elissa’s hat in your bare butt crack? Yeah, you did that.

— MVP twist! America is voting for the third nominee this week. We’ll know who the HOH is, but the house will have to know on Saturday, the voting will close Friday night. Will we know the HOH’s nominees by then on the live feeds? Hmm. Also, will the houseguests know America voted, or will they be left to wonder who the MVP is? Now that’s interesting.

9:49 — HOH comp time. It’s “Big Brother Royalty,” with America voting on titles for each BB houseguest. Every question gives them two choices and you must pick which HG fits which title.

— One is the Earl of Egotism is Aaryn and nobody loses. Two is the Lord of Laziness, which is McCrae and Andy, Amanda, Candice and Elissa all lose. Wow, that alliance just took a major hit.

9:53 — Three and four The Baron of Boneheadedness is GinaMarie and nobody loses, Knight of Naughtiness is Amanda and nobody loses. The Duke of Dork is Andy and Aaryn, GinaMarie and Jessie all lose on that one.

— Six is the Sultan of Sexy and is Elissa, Howard and Spencer lose. So it’s down to Judd, Kaitlin and McCrae on the tiebreaker.

9:55 — The question is how many gallons of milk did it take to fill all three of the vats that the first person was standing in in the Scary Dairy competition. I would’ve said 900. The answer is 1167, which means Judd is the closest at 650. Judd is the new HOH!

9:56 — Julie teases that she’s going to hint to the houseguests about the BB MVP this week. Um, no. It would be 1000x more interesting if they thought it was business as usual and nobody could figure out who the MVP is.

9:59 — Julie tells them to “expect the unexpected” about the BB MVP. Hmmm. We still think they should’ve been given nothing at all, so the paranoia and suspicion could rock the house when they can’t figure MVP out this week.

So, who are you going to vote for for the third nominee this week? Is Aaryn a foregone conclusion? Is this CBS’ way of getting her off the show (like people are calling for) without having to actually remove her from the show?

Also, what happens if America’s nominee wins POV and takes him or herself off the block? Who does the replacement nom? Do they do a quick America’s vote on Wednesday night? Hmmm.

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