big brother 15 cast 'Big Brother 15' Week 3 power rankings and MVP votingThere are two weeks down in the “Big Brother 15”
house and boy, did we have a power shift. We’re going to
break down the houseguests every week and talk about who we think should
get MVP. Sign up for the live feeds if you’d like to watch all the craziness for yourself.

Zap2it’s Power Rankings
caveat — these rankings are based solely on game play, not any remarks players have been making in the house.

1. Helen (last week 14)

So, Helen received no votes to evict, kept her BFF Elissa safe, rounded up a nice alliance and then won the next Head of Household. And we are willing to be money that even after her HOH, no one will be targeting her. Helen’s going to have to watch it down the road because she’s very smart and very nice (which = get her out before she wins the money), but right now, she is sitting pretty.

2. Elissa (last week 12)

Things were looking pretty bad for Elissa this week, but she got it done and then the HOH definitely went in her favor. We foresee her continuing to get MVP as long as she’s in the house (which is kind of boring, but if production doesn’t fudge the outcome, Rachel’s fans will keep giving it to her).

3. Howard (last week 3)

Howard is considerably higher than the other people who voted to evict
Elissa for two reasons — A) He was in on the plan to get Nick out and seemingly threw a vote for Elissa for strategy purposes and B) Even if
he didn’t and he did want Elissa out, he’s extremely well-liked and
trusted in the house. So he’s good on both sides and probably won’t be targeted for a long time.

4. Judd (last week 8)

Judd has finally found himself a home in the Elissa alliance, but he’s still pretty well liked by the rest of the house. He also is completely non-threatening while still being a pretty savvy dude.

5. Andy (last week 5)

Another member of Elissa’s alliance who is sitting pretty right now. He is well liked and unlikely to be targeted.

6. Candice (last week 15)

Candice is firmly on top this week with her alliance-mates. However, she is ranked lowest here because the other side of the house can’t stand her and she will surely be targeted when her alliance falls out of power.

7. Amanda (last week 6)

Amanda may not be BFFs with Elissa and Helen, but they generally like her. However, the guys in the house see her and McCrae as a threat, plus Aaryn and Kaitlin are pretty mad at her in the wake of Nick leaving. She could be a target when Helen goes out of power.

8. McCrae (last week 1)

McCrae isn’t exactly part of the Elissa/Helen/Andy alliance. He went with them this week, but he’s not as close with them. They know he’s closer to Amanda and they also know he was waffling this whole on who to vote out.

9. Spencer (last week 7)

Spencer is in a tenuous position in the house. While he did go with the majority and vote out Nick, neither side of the house fully trusts. About the only person who does is Howard. Can the two of them keep each other in it until the end? Maybe. But a lot of people think Spencer is shady.

10. Jessie (last week 13)

Jessie doesn’t have much power in the house. She was key to the eviction of Nick this week, but she’s kind of a floater in the house. You know she could be swayed to join up with Aaryn and Kaitlin if the “cool kids” would have her. She’ll probably just bop along with whomever has power each week.

11. GinaMarie (last week 10)

GM’s alliance is out of power, but she’s not going to be targeted, which makes her the best-positioned one. Plus, everybody feels bad for her and her cobweb-ridden womb and lost love.

12. Kaitlin (last week 9)

Like GM, Kaitlin is not the target out of the Mean Girls alliance. That honor belongs to …

13. Jeremy (last week 2) and Aaryn (last week 11)

These two are tied at the bottom because they have fallen out of power and are going to be targeted. Jeremy because he’s a strong competitor (and a pretty good game player) and Aaryn because nobody likes her.

We expect Elissa to get MVP this week. We’d like to endorse Helen, Judd and McCrae, officially, because they’ve been playing really solid games. But as long as Elissa is in the house, she’ll probably get MVP.

Who do you think Helen will nominate? Check back here tomorrow to find out! And look for our exit interview with Nick — leave questions for him in the comments.

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