ginamarie kaitlin aaryn big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' Week 4 elimination live blog: Kaitlin Barnaby or Aaryn Gries, who goes home?Are you ready for the Week 4 elimination in the “Big Brother 15” house? It’ll be the first week a girl goes home, which is an unprecedented start to the show.

We have to tell you, it is not looking great for Kaitlin. The houseguests realize what a big threat she is (especially compared to her block compatriots, GinaMarie and Aaryn). But maybe she has worked out a deal — you really never know with this show.

We’re actually much more interested in the Head of Household competition. It’d be pretty neat to see the house flip, or to see someone random like Jessie win. Check out our HOH comp preview here.

Join us here at 9 p.m. ET/PT for a live blog of all the fun — including a proposal! (Spoiler alert from the live feeds). And speaking of which, it’s a great time to sign up for the feeds because Thursday nights are always action-packed.

9:00 — Hey Julie Chen and your cute yachting outfit!

9:04 — Julie reveals the America’s voting order, which was Aaryn, Elissa and then GinaMarie, which is what I suspected the order was.

9:06 — Aaryn: “It’s, like, hard to, like, be me and, like, be nice to people, like, if you keep me, I’ll, like, be super loyal to, like, you and, like, get somebody out who can, like, beat you, because, like, Kaitlin is a super threat, like, seriously.” And she’s not wrong, but GAWD — stop saying that word!

— Judd starts talking to people about getting Kaitlin out, saying that he likes Kaitlin way more than Aaryn, but you have to put personal things aside. Yes! They should stitch that on a pillow. In a game like this, you KEEP the horrible people becuase they won’t WIN. You boot the (relatively) nice girls like Kaitlin.

9:10 — Elissa says she doesn’t support Mean Girls (meaning Aaryn), which is rich because did we not just see Elissa making Amanda cry the other night? We addressed why Amanda can’t really get upset when someone calls you slutty when that’s what you’re going for, but Elissa was still really crapping all over Amanda’s parade like a Mean Girl.

9:11 — Either way, Helen makes a good point that keeping Aaryn keeps a person in the house who will always have a big target, plus Aaryn has offered to throw HOH or nominate whomever they tell her to. Elissa rightly wonders how they can trust her, but c’mon — if she renegged on your deal, she’d be gone the very next week. She’d be stupid to do that.

— The five-person alliance of Howard/Spencer/Judd/Kaitlin/GM comes to light (though Judd is not really in it, he’s just playing along), but Elissa decides this five-person alliance needs to be called out, so she plants a bug in Kaitlin’s ear about it because Elissa wants to keep Kaitlin (because everything is personal with Elissa).

9:17 — Meanwhile, Aaryn overhears this and is wondering what happened to her deal with Hel-El. Thus commences some major drama with an impromptu house meeting in the color block room.

9:19 — Aaryn had Elissa dead-to-rights about what she overheard and Elissa doesn’t have a leg to stand on. In terms of being crazy and mean, Elissa is as bad as the Mean Girls. Also, she’s playing so stupidly. Who do you want to sit next to at the end? The b****y racist girl? Heck yes! It’s all well and good to hate Aaryn out here, but if I were playing for half a million dollars, I’d be darn sure keeping that girl in the house.

9:22 — We now relive GinaMarie’s froyo-eating prowess. Here’s a GIF, in case you want to watch it over and over and over.

9:26 — We’re doing eviction speeches and the live vote. We are kind of shocked that the show didn’t show the McCranda birthday dinner and engagement. Are they saving that? Hmph.

— In no surprise, if you keep up with the feeds, Kaitlin is evicted 9-0.

9:34 — Kaitlin leaves the game and many of the houseguests seem genuinely sad to see her leave. Well, now she and Jeremy can start their “relationship” (which totally won’t happen). Also, it’s so funny how everybody stands around watching the pictures turn black and white, like that’s the moment they are killed outside the house.

9:38 — Julie questions her about her Mean Girl alliance, without really delving into the racist stuff, but props to Julie for bringing it up. Kaitlin says, “”Oooh. Ooh, you guys! That kind of hurts, I’m from Minnesota, I think I was nice to everybody in that house. But I will admit, I aligned with some catty girls. … I think it definitely rubbed off on me. It showed some characteristics that aren’t necessarily mine. It ahppens. … I definitely picked the wrong side of the house.”

— We will say, though, that Kaitlin’s hands are not entirely clean of making off-color comments. And it’s no surprise that she nods her head when Aaryn says they are great friends. Yeah, Kaitlin’s more like Aaryn than she thinks she is.

9:47 — HOH competition time. It’s the BB Casino., where they roll balls down a ramp to a roulette wheel. The player with the highest number wins.  Andy gets a 23, which is pretty solid. Roulette goes up to 36. But McCrae gets a 28 and is in the lead.

— We think Spencer has it in the bag with a 34, because only two numbers are bigger, but then Aaryn nails 36. Wow. That’s is crazy! Amanda and Elissa each come within one slot of tying her, but neither do it. Ooooh, this is interesting.

9:52 — So, will Aaryn honor her deal with Hel-El and nominate who they want her to nominate?

9:54 — Julie is going to chat with “fan favorite” Jeff Schroeder. Oh, you mean the homophobe with anger issues? Yeah, can’t wait. Funny how he got such a ridiculously good edit from CBS, plus special powers in the house that didn’t exist until he was in danger of being evicted. Ugh, Jeff makes us want to vomit.

9:55 — Jeff thinks Aaryn won’t hold up her end of the deal becauzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ugh, who cares?

— So, Jeff is still gun-shy on proposing to Jordan. Shocker. And inside the house, Spencer is using Aaryn’s HOH win as an excuse to hug her a lot, because that’s how he rolls.

Thanks for joining us! Who do you think will be America’s nominee this week? We think it’ll be Elissa again.

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