howard andy big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' Week 5 elimination live blog: Howard Overby may be on his way outIt’s not looking great for Howard in the “Big Brother 15” house — the powers that be want him out too badly and no one is willing to flip on them at this point. Of course, things can change. The live feeds were down for over five hours Thursday (Aug. 1), so maybe there was some wheeling and dealing we weren’t privvy to and things have changed.

Either way, now’s a great time to sign up for the live feed free trial because tonight is surely going to be an endurance competition. The houseguests have been on indoor lockdown for over 36 hours, which usually spells giant set-up for an endurance HOH.

Stick with us here for the elimination live blog starting at 9 p.m. ET.

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— The previouslies remind us how Helen realized she needs to reel it in a little, because she’s coming across as a big boss of the house. Plus, Candice goes a little nutso tonight. It was fun to watch on the feeds.

9:06 — Candice says, “Grab your rebel flag, black people on the block!” to Howard. OK, look, we know Aaryn has been really ugly in this house, but this week, we actually really don’t think this has anything to do with race. The house is targeting Howard and Candice has to be up next to him because she’s a vote for him to stay, just like Spencer was.

9:08 — Spencer goes to work on the “underlings” about getting Amanda out. To not force an HOH tiebreaker vote, he needs five votes, which are going to be hard to come by in this house. Talking to Andy about it is a huge mistake because all he does is run back to McCrae and Amanda and tell them everything.

9:10 — Now we start the craziness, as Spencer and Amanda get into a tiff about targeting each other. They both lie to each other and then Amanda calls Spencer a bully because he told her to shut up. Oh, shut up, Amanda. He’s not bullying you, stop cheapening that word.

9:13 — Candice’s crazy goes into the mix, where she calls out Spencer in front of the entire house instead of speaking to him privately and maybe working on people on the DL to get Amanda out. Candice is an awful game-player. Awful. She’s so dumb. All she had to do was talk to Spencer, but instead she reveals his whole plan to the group and any chance of Howard staying goes right out the window.

— Next up, Jessie is upset about Candice being a crazy person, so Jessie, Aaryn and GinaMarie talk about evicting Candice. Can they pull it off? We doubt it. Why wouldn’t you keep a crazy loose cannon in the house?

9:17 — Aaryn, don’t say you were “coerced” into putting people on the block. You chose to stick to your deal. Your choices were to do that, or not to do it. You chose to do it. In the house this week, she’s been acting like as HOH, she should get to dictate who goes home. That’s not how it works, guys. HOH names the nominees (and any replacements) and then the power is gone unless there’s a voting tie. The house doesn’t have to bend to your will because it’s “your” HOH.

9:19 — The Chenterview is about babies born this summer. They predictably laugh at “North West” and clap for Britney Haynes and Kate Middleton’s babies. Yay babies!

9:23 — Several of the female houseguests are starting to think Judd is an evil super genius, which leads into a segment about his hometown. Judd is playing a good game, but we aren’t sure he’s a super-sneaky genius just yet.

9:28 — Amanda reveals in her pre-vote speech that she’s engaged to McCrae. We’re shocked that hasn’t made the broadcast yet, honestly.

— In what is no surprise, the house almost unanimously evicts Howard — only Spencer votes to evict Candice.

— Howard’s exit interview is pretty mild. He identifies the three biggies in the house as Helen, Amanda and McCrae and he’s not wrong. As far as the racism goes, he talks about how hard it was to hold his tongue but he wanted to take the high road.

— Who do you want up on the block this week, America? We’re the MVP again this week.

— It’s an endurance competition, where they have to stay up on a rolling log as long as possible. Well, this shouldn’t take long.

9:56 — We’ll be live-blogging the HOH comp separately, so follow along here to find out who the new HOH is. Thanks for joining us tonight!

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