big-brother-log-HOH-competition.jpgThe “Big Brother 15” Head of Household competition to kick off Week 6 is underway in the house. It’s a classic endurance competition and there are some houseguests, like Spencer and Candice, who really need to win if they want to stay in the house this week.

Based on the first few minutes, we don’t expect this competition to last that long, but you never know. Sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself, or just follow along with us here as we recap all the action for you late into the night.

All times Eastern.

— Julie sweetens the deal for the first three houseguests to drop. They can open a box and one of them will win $5000.

9:59 — Next week is a double eviction episode on Thursday. Yay!

10:08 — The feeds came back a bit ago and no one has dropped yet, though Spencer is breathing pretty heavily.

10:13 — How long do you think this whole comp will last? We’re setting the over/under at an hour and if it goes longer, it won’t be too much past that. Except no sooner do we type that then the log stops rolling. Huh.

10:15 — Candice is wondering if the log is going the same way. Um, if the log rolled forward and you guys were walking backward, you would probably all immediately fall off because there’s nothing to hold on to behind you. At least, that’s what we think. Guess we’ll see, if the log ever changes directions.

10:19 — All houseguests present and accounted for. We’re surprised Helen seems to be struggling so much. Just walk — it looks easier if you actually relax. If she would just relax, Helen could probably go all night.

10:23 — Predictably, when it starts going forward (making them walk backwards), Spencer, Candice and Helen all fall off immediately. We actually thought that would trip up more of them, to be honest.

10:25 — Amanda and Elissa are off too, so that’s half the field gone. We have McCrae, Andy, Judd, GinaMarie and Jessie left.

10:27 — Whoa. Judd and Andy are off too. It must have happened when the log stopped this last time, because Andy looked super comfortable. Heck, this isn’t even going to last an hour.

10:29 — Has anybody opened the boxes? It doesn’t appear so, they’re just sitting there (the boxes). We wonder if production told them it wasn’t a requirement, just an option. Hmm.

10:31 — Who do you want to win at this point, McCrae, GinaMarie or Jessie? We just hope it’s one of the girls. A week of McCrae in power (with how many people he’s aligned with) would be uber-boring.

10:33 — There’s a bit of trivia on the screens, we hope that doesn’t mean somebody got hurt.

10:36 — Jessie, McCrae and GinaMarie are all still going strong. We aren’t sure why it went to trivia for five minutes.

10:46 — 10 minutes go by and it’s still the three hanging in there. No word about the boxes yet.

10:47 — The log is making them go backwards at a pretty high rate of speed now. GinaMarie looks the most solid.

10:48 — Jessie falls off and GinaMarie immediately starts promising McCrae she won’t put up him or Amanda AND they can have the HOH bed to have sex in. Ew. But she’s smart in doing that. She wants HOH and at this point, we’re rooting for her. McCrae already won HOH, plus we would so bored watching his side be in power again.

— McCrae wants production to open the house so everybody goes inside. We wonder what kind of deal he has in mind with GM? But if we were GM, we wouldn’t drop for ANYTHING.

bb week 6 hoh 'Big Brother 15' Week 6 Head of Household competition live blog   who will win?10:53 — The three boxes are now open on the table, but did anybody take the prize/punishments? We don’t yet know. Maybe they were just allowed to open them to see what was inside.

10:54 — Why can’t production get a camera on GinaMarie AND McCrae? They’re right next to each other. The feeds look like this —>

10:57 — The BB production team must have read my blog because now they finally have GinaMarie on one of the feeds. Don’t forget, you can sign up for a free trial to follow along with the shenanigans tonight after either McCrae or Ginamarie wins HOH.

11:00 — At 8 p.m. PT, just over an hour, GinaMarie wins HOH because McCrae falls. Ugly comments aside, good for GinaMarie. This makes the game infinitely more interesting this week, especially since she didn’t make a deal with McCrae. She offered some, but he didn’t jump off and give it to her.

What do you think, gang? Who will GinaMarie nominate? And who will be America’s nominee? Tune in here Friday and over the weekend to find out!

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