big brother 15 cast 'Big Brother 15' Week 9 power rankingsThere are eight weeks down in the “Big Brother 15”
house, with three jury members out the door and one back in. We’re going to
break down the houseguests every week for you, but sign up for the live feeds if you’d like to watch all the craziness for yourself.

Beware of spoilers
below, talking about who the new Head of Household is and who he or she intends to nominate, based on what we’ve heard on the live feeds.

Zap2it’s Power Rankings
caveat — these rankings are based solely on game play, not any remarks players have been making in the house.

1. Elissa (last week 8)

This may be temporary, but Elissa holds all the power in the house right now. She’s the new HOH and doesn’t really have an alliance, which means her nominations could be anyone. Right now, she’s looking at Aaryn and McCrae with Aaryn as the target. But just the possibility of McCrae going up has Amanda in a tizzy.

With so few hamsters left, expect the POV comp to be a dogfight and therefore Elissa’s power even more important when the POV ceremony comes around.

2. Judd (last week unranked)

Judd is the juror who returned and normally that would make him the easy target. But he lucked out in Elissa’s HOH win — she has bigger fish to fry this week. But why does he have so much power? Because everybody should want to lock him into an alliance. The non-McCranda people need him for numbers and McCranda needs him so the other side doesn’t have the numbers. He’s a huge free agent right now. His stock will tumble in the coming weeks because he’s a huge threat to win the money, but currently Judd is sitting in a good spot.

3. Spencer (last week 6)

Spencer doesn’t have a lot of power, per se, but just by virtue of the fact that Elissa said on the feeds she won’t target him this week means he’s in a better position than a good chunk of the house.

4. GinaMarie (last week 5)

GM is in the same boat as Spencer. She’s not the target and Elissa does not see the virtue in putting her up next to Aaryn (even though if Aaryn were really Elissa’s target, that’s exactly what she’d do, which makes us suspect Elissa is kind of three-targeting Aaryn/McCrae/Amanda, as in — any of them is fine to go). Elissa knows that if GM is on the block, she’s an easy, no-waves vote for a lot of people. So GM is in a decent position this week.

5. Andy (last week 4)

Andy is in a precarious position this week because his alliance is being targeted, but even though they are in Elissa’s crosshairs, Andy himself is not. He should get through this week relatively unscathed.

6. Amanda (last week 1)

Amanda may not be Elissa’s thoughts for nominations, but she’s definitely in hot water with her 3 a.m. alliance being targeted. Plus, Elissa’s not stupid — if Aaryn or McCrae (assuming they are nom’d) win POV, we wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda is the renom. The only reason Amanda is higher than McCrae and Aaryn is because she’s a smooth talker and we wouldn’t put it past her to pull something out of her hat this week.

7. McCrae (last week 2)

McCrae is most likely going on the block and we honestly don’t love his chances to win POV unless it’s something they can rig or it’s a how-bad-do-you-want-it comp. He hasn’t exactly been a challenge beast.

8. Aaryn (last week 3)

Aaryn is the target this week and the house might just go along with it because it’s the easiest thing to do, plus she’s a huge challenge threat, as we have seen. She needs to win POV or her chances of staying this week are not great.

That being said, we hope she does win POV. We aren’t rooting for Aaryn to win the game, but that would be the most interesting thing that could happen this week. And we like interesting. It is better than boring.

Stay tuned back here later today for Elissa’s nominations! Or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

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