big brother 15 snoozefest boring 'Big Brother 15': We're quickly tiring of this snoozefestIt seems as though in recent weeks, the fun of watching “Big Brother 15” has turned into the same old story — boring nominations, house consensus, unanimous eviction and we hope the new Head of Household does something interesting, but they don’t. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Warning: Spoilers below for the current status of the house, so be warned.

When’s the last time anything exciting happened? Nearly two weeks ago when Judd was evicted during the live show? While that was a total bummer because we liked Judd, it was at least something that shook up the house.

But other than Judd, Howard’s eviction, Candice’s eviction, Jessie’s eviction and now Helen’s impending eviction have all been known days in advance and have all been unanimous or nearly unanimous votes (we’re assuming Helen’s will be unanimous).

Sure, there have been some fights in the house, but the actual game play is super boring. Everybody just does what Amanda wants, dating back to Howard’s elimination. She’s been running the house for a long time now and nobody has stood up to her.

We’re over it. Amanda is not only a really mean person in the house, but she’s maddeningly getting an incredibly favorable edit by CBS.

Now the only game player strategic enough to go against Amanda is on her way out the door (Helen). Helen just wasn’t strategic enough to foresee this and strike first, nor did she win the right challenges to stay in the house.

So, what’s left? A bunch of namby-pamby game players and Aaryn. Great. We can root for the ugly drunk (not that Amanda’s ugly, but she’s an ugly drunk) who screams at people or we can root for the racist who said maybe Helen can make her some rice.


There are certainly a couple good people left in the house — namely, Andy and McCrae. But their lack of oomph as gamers doesn’t exactly make them big heroes of the season. Now, if they would flip and vote Amanda out? We’d be all over that shizz. Andy and McCrae for president.

But they won’t.

Is there anybody left who will move against Amanda? Even if they do not succeed, it’d be better than everybody rolling over and dying at her feet. At least Jessie and Candice tried.

This season showed a lot of promise when it started, with the MVP twist (which was mishandled by a former player’s sister being in the house) and a cast full of crazy a-holes, but it has quickly gone downhill.

What do you think, hamster fans? Are we right, or are we being too harsh on the house?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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