big brother 15 premiere champagne 'Big Brother 15': Who did the first MVP nominate?We’ve got some more results from inside the “Big Brother” house — don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled, but sure to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 15': Who did the first MVP nominate? to follow along with all the fun for yourself!


As we saw earlier today on the live feeds, Elissa was named MVP for this week and had a couple hours to decide who she was going to make the third nominee, in addition to Jessie and Candice, who were nominated by HOH McCrae.

Elissa has nominated David for eviction, which is a smarter move than we thought she’d make. The way she hates Aaryn, we thought for sure A was going up. But David is a smart pick, people aren’t crazy about him, plus he’s in a showmance with Aaryn already.

Interestingly, David and Aaryn think Amanda is the MVP. And speaking of Amanda, McCrae told Amanda that Elissa is the MVP. So MC, Amanda and Elissa are the only ones who know (so far).

The Power of Veto competition hasn’t taken place yet. We aren’t sure if it will take place yet today, but we think it will. Those playing in the POV are McCrae, Jessie, Candice, David, Jessie, Howard and Elissa. So that’s interesting, because McCrae has been getting a ton of pressure to use Elissa as the replacement nominee when someone comes off.

Now Elissa has a better chance of that not happening to her, because she gets to name the replacement nominee if David takes himself off, or she can just choose not to use it the POV if she wins.

Should be fun to see who ends up with the POV.

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