Meet Aaryn Gries, one of the youngest new “Big Brother” houseguests. She tells Zap2it that she’s open to aligning with anybody, but she wants to stay covert about it.

“I want to fly under the radar. I don’t want to make big moves until absolutely necessary,” says Aaryn. “I’m the type of person to get along with everyone — I’m not a very
judgmental person, in high school I was friends with all the cliques and
I was a cheerleader too — I’m could really align with anyone who is
open to aligning, it doesn’t matter what type of person it is.”

However, she is thinking she’ll probably align with the women in the house.

“You can’t talk to guys about things that girls know. So I want to align
with girls. Hopefully we can become
friends and can get along. But most of the time that’s not how it
works,” says Aaryn. “If I can’t get along with them, or they’re mean girls,
I’m going to have to align with guys.”

Speaking of guys, Aaryn says she’s not against a showmance, though a guy is going to have to be pretty special to catch her eye.

“I’m single. I have very high standards for guys, but if there is one in the house that lives up to my standards, then I’m not against it. … I think it would help my game, if it’s the right person,” says Aaryn.

She also tells us that her competitive nature is going to be in full force.

“I’m not throwing any competitions. I don’t know how often I can win them, so I need to win as many as possible for my game in general. I think it would be stupid to throw any competitions, not gonna happen. … I’m already gonna have a target on my back from being a big, Southern Texas girl with the big blonde hair,” says Aaryn.

And when asked if she thinks she’s at a disadvantage being one of the youngest players, she kind of non-sequiturs, “Younger people tend to be more naive and sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

Okey dokey.

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