Amanda Zuckerman is our latest “Big Brother 15” interview coming to you from the press junket day. We liked Amanda — she seems to have a pretty good grasp on the game. She also tells Zap2it that her plan is to listen a lot and bond with the women.

“As we all know, you get into the house and that could quickly be changed — expect the unexpected. It also really depends on everyone who’s in the house. But my strategy is to go in there and really listen and get to know about the other people,” says Amanda.

“I really find that I’m able to relate to people really well and have people open up to me. In the beginning, I’m not going to be too aggressive. I am an aggressive person, but I’m definitely going to relax that a little bit and really listen to everyone in the house and let them just talk, talk, talk and dig their own grave.”

As far as an alliance goes, Amanda doesn’t have a set type of person she’s looking for, but she definitely hopes to find someone she can really trust.

“I think it’s really important to find somebody who A) you can really trust and can really keep their mouth shut, that’s number one. B) I think that a really important element of having a good alliance is aligning yourself with someone that everyone likes, but is not over the top. Somebody who wins some challenges, but not every challenge, and everybody is on pretty good terms with them,” says Amanda.”

She also tells us that she’s not really down for a showmance — because she did just start seeing someone back at home.

“When I first started this casting process, I was 100 percent single. And then I met someone,” Amanda laughs. “It’s really difficult, I’ve only been with someone for two months. [But] my intentions, even if I wasn’t in that relationship, was not to be in a romance because I already have a very A-type personality and I think that it’d be easy for some pretty girl to get a target on my back. And judging by the past seasons, when you get into a showmance, it doesn’t end well.”

“My intentions are to have all the men want me, but not to let any of them have me.”

Amanda also says that while she may get along better with the men, she doesn’t think that’s a good strategy right out of the gate.

“I think in the beginning I’ll take more to the girls. … If you walk into the house and you automatically go towards the men and you’re an attractive girl, the girls are going to get catty and the girls are going to get jealous, so it’s my plan when I first go into the house to befriend all the girls,” says Amanda.

She adds that she’ll pretty much do whatever it takes to win — it is a game, after all.

“I’m not going to put any restrictions on myself. I’m going to be as natural as possible. I’m not one of those people where it will weigh on my conscience if I tell somebody that I’m not going to vote them out and I end up doing it — because it’s all a game. In the end, somebody has to get voted off and only one person wins. I have no restrictions, I’m going to do whatever I feel is necessary to get to the end,” says Amanda.

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