Andy Herren was one of our favorite interviews for “Big Brother 15.” He’s smart, he’s super excited to be on the show and he’s very funny, so keep your eye on this one — he knows his “Big Brother” history.

“From what I’ve observed, the people that get voted out at the beginning of the show are either the people that try to play five or six weeks worth of the game in one to two weeks and boom, they’re out, or they’re the people the HOH nominates them and is like, ‘Well, I’m nominating you because you never took the time to get to know me’ and I’m just like, ‘What are you thinking, person?! They’re the HOH, get to know them!'” Andy tells Zap2it.

So, his strategy is to make connections right away, which will hopefully keep him from being seen as a threat.

“I really do genuinely love people, so I want to know people’s backstories, I want to know more about them. I’m going to establish that connection, hopefully with everyone, and they won’t see me as a super-huge threat right at the beginning,” says Andy. “I want to be slightly aggressive at the beginning, but I want it to be totally covert.”

We always like to ask the hamsters about potential showmances. Andy, as a gay man, probably won’t have much of an opportunity for one, but he loved getting asked the question anyway.

“I feel like the pickin’s are probably gonna be pretty slim [laughs], but let’s
say there is another gay guy in the house — I’m not like going into the
‘Big Brother’ house all, ‘This is going to be my summer of
love.’ [laughs] But if my soulmate, for some reason, has been put in the
‘Big Brother’ house, it might happen. But I’m not, like, on the show to
find love. [laughs] Oh my god, I almost want to start lying for the rest
of my interviews today, like, ‘I don’t care about the money, I’m here to
find love,'” he sighs, laughing really hard.

We would have loved that, too, Andy.

But on the topic of being gay, Andy tells us that while he hopes someone who is super homophobic is not in the house, he also would love to be “the person that changes their mind.”

“I want them to see that this guy’s gay, but he’s also a really good, genuine person,” says Andy.

As far as game play goes, Andy says he’s not going to create drama for drama’s sake, but he’s definitely here to win.

“I want to play the cleanest game that I possibly can. I am totally willing to stir the pot if it needs to be stirred, but I’m not going to stir it just to stir it. … I know that I’m gonna have to lie at some point, it is part of the game,” says Andy.

“Anybody who’s like, ‘He swore! And then he went back on it, he’s a terrible person.’ It’s like — you know what you signed up for, shut up. You’re on ‘Big Brother,’ cool it.”

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