Candice Stewart is one of the new “Big Brother” houseguests. In her pre-show interview, she gave us what might be the best “Big Brother” motto we’ve heard in a long time

“My plan is to be quick to listen, slow to talk,” says Candice. “And if I have to complain, I’m just gonna go to the Diary Room and take it up with America.”

Genius. We hope she can stick with it.

“The talkers who are going around starting stuff, they’re always the first ones to get eliminated,” Candice continues. “I want to talk, but in a social way. Not in an annoying, target-on-your-back way.”

One thing that could be Candice’s downfall is a showmance. She’s single and ready to mingle.

“I am super single — flirty and almost 30! … I will have a birthday in the ‘Big Brother’ house if I was to make it through til September,” Candice laughs. “I always say I’m open for love if I found it in the aisle of Wal-Mart, so for sure I can find love in the ‘Big Brother’ house if that’s how God intended it for me. Why not?”

As far as strategy goes, Candice says she’s not afraid to get dirty, as long as she can walk that fine line between a good game but not making the jury too mad at her.

“I’d like to try to do the whole clean game thing, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t stray to the other side if need be. It’s ‘Big Brother,’ it’s a game. It’s poker, you gotta put your poker face on and play,” says Candice.

“If I’m in there battling it out with some hardcore people, I might just have to turn it up a notch. The name of the game is trying not to go so far where people don’t want to give you the vote if they’re in the jury house.”

But she definitely isn’t going into the house guns blazing.

“For me, I want to go under the radar. I have no plans on winning the first HOH. I want other people to step up and get crazy with it, and I can kind of fall back and see which group is the strongest alliance,” says Candice.

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