david girton big brother 15 interview 'Big Brother 15's' David Girton: Aaryn Gries is not racist, America is being too harsh with herSurfer dude David Girton was the first hamster evicted from the “Big Brother 15” house. He tells Zap2it that he can’t wait to get to know Aaryn outside the house and that she’s really not a racist — but that Spencer is not a nice guy.

Are you glad you went on BB, even if you were the first one out?

“Yes, I am glad I went on ‘Big Brother.’ I mean, like the first like 12 days, I had a blast. I had a blast getting to know Aaryn, glad I got the hottest girl in the house. But I wish I would’ve stayed on longer and showed America the true side of David, America thinks I’m just this dumb blonde surfer dude, you know?”

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How surprised were you when Julie Chen said you were the one leaving?

“Um, to be honest, I had a gut feeling like here and there like I was going to be leaving. But I was surprised, too. Inside, I was just like this house wants me out ’cause I’m super competitive and super likable. But I had a feeling.”

Do you think Aaryn will avenge you in the house?

“Oh yeah, I’m glad what she did this week. I wish she would’ve put up Nick instead of Helen, but she will definitely avenge me. I’m glad that she has it out for the other houseguests ’cause me and her were best friends. Hopefully she knows how to stay in there longer ’cause she can’t win HOH next week. Hopefully Jeremy and Kaitlin will still be on her side.”

Do you want to see Aaryn outside the house?

“Oh yeah, I want to get to know Aaryn outside the house. On my ride back down to San Diego, I was crying. I wish I could’ve gotten to know this girl better. It was too short of notice for me to get to know her. I miss her every day. I definitely want to get to know her better. She’s the girl I’ve been waiting for — a girl from Texas, Southern comfort, conservative, with big dreams in her heart.”

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Did you suspect about the Moving Company alliance at all?

“I had no idea about the Moving Company alliance. That totally blew my ever-loving mind. I was full-on bamboozled. I had suspicions about Nick from the beginning. I knew he was a sketchy person. Howard, I was surprised by. He acted like he was my bro and a good guy who believes in God. Spencer was kind of a d***, to say the least. He said some harsh words. I thought he would evict me. … But they got the most competitive guy out of the house, they got their job done.”

What do you think about the racist and homophobic comments we’ve seen from Aaryn and GinaMarie?

“To tell you the truth, that blew my ever-loving mind. Aaryn’s not that type of girl at all. I was never around her when she said that, I didn’t know she had that in her. I think she’s just saying that because she’s pissed off at the house. She’s not that type of person at all. GinaMarie, same way. She’s a good girl. You’re mad and you stay stuff you shouldn’t say on camera. People can say stuff ’cause they’re mad that they don’t really mean. … They’re gonna get a wide-awakening when they leave the house. It’s pretty harsh the way America’s been treating them.”

What about Spencer? He’s said some pretty harsh things about the women in the house.

“Spencer … I realized quick what type of person he is. He’s kind of a bad person. He’s kind of a d***, to say the least. He’s gonna get a wide-awakening too, what America thinks about him. I really don’t like the guy. He’s a full-on two-faced backstabber.”

Who do you think is the strongest player in the game right now?

“I think the strongest player int he game right now is Amanda, because she knows how to talk to people and she’s the biggest fake person in there in the house. And Nick because he’s good at strategy. He knows how to talk to people in a certain way. Nick might make it far, but Aaryn has it out for him. She figured out that he voted against me. But we’ll see what happens with Amanda, she might be the one to win this game.”

Who do you think is the weakest player?

“It’d have to be either Judd, Helen or Andy. I’ll probably go with Judd. Just ’cause that guy — Andy and Judd are both floaters. But Judd is the biggest floater. He always has to be in the room when there’s a big conference going on and get to know what other people are saying. It irritated the hell out of me because it’s like — dude, don’t you see we’re having a conversation? That guy is a huge floater, that’s why he’s super weak. And he’s not very strong in competitions. Plus he smokes, so that’s going to weaken him too.”

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