ginamarie zimmerman big brother 15 runner up 'Big Brother 15's' GinaMarie Zimmerman: 'I hope people can accept my apologies'GinaMarie Zimmerman took second place on “Big Brother 15” after being definitely one of the most colorful characters in the house this summer. She tells Zap2it that she apologizes for offending anyone with what she said in the house this summer and that she and Nick are planning their first date.

Congratulations on taking second place — when did you finally start to feel like you could make it to the end?

“When the Exterminators formed, I got this great team behind me and I started thinkin’ maybe we could go all the way to the end. Earlier in the summer, my guys, Kaitlin and Jeremy, all my people were getting voted out, it was just me and Aaryn and then I wasn’t really sure if I could do it, but once the Exterminators formed, I felt like that was it.”

Were you surprised Andy took you to the finals? The general consensus online was that the vote between you and him was going to be much closer than it would have been if he had taken Spencer.

“I think all of us had good cases to plead to the jury about why we should win. Spencer, he was on the block eight or nine, a record number of times, so people might have looked at that and thought he deserved to win.

But no, I wasn’t surprised Andy took me. We had a made a deal, we had each other’s backs. Even though we were on opposite sides of the house, we never had a problem with each other. I knew he was gonna be loyal to me.”

If you had won the final HOH, would you have taken Andy? Would you have honored your deal?

“Absolutely, I would’ve taken Andy. I knew he had a lot of jury votes but my word is everything. My mouth sometimes got me in trouble [laughs], but my word is good. I’m a loyal person.”

I don’t know how much you’ve seen so far, but how do you react to the backlash about some of the offensive things you said in the house that were heard on the live feeds?

“I’m really sorry, I really do apologize if anything I said offended people. I didn’t mean to. I hope people can accept my apologies. I know it was pretty much wrong for me to do.”

Have you spoken at all with Helen or Candice since you left the house?

“Oh, yeah! Helen, we were always good in the house. I learned a lot about her family. We talked, I think she’s a great woman. I didn’t mean anything to offend her and obviously she didn’t take anything too serious.

With Candice, it was her birthday last night and I met her mom, she met my parents. I think we made a little bit of a bond and I think we’re actually on good terms right now.”

Would you go back on Big Brother if you had the chance?

“Yeah, sure, why not? ‘Big Brother’ is an awesome opportunity, CBS is amazing, really, really great people. I probably wouldn’t want to go as long as we did [laughs], maybe only about two months. But I’d definitely do it. It was a cool opportunity and if I get a second opportunity, hey, why not?”

What’s next for you? Are you running off to Hollywood to try to be famous?

“Everything I do work-wise, whether it’s MCing pageants or make-up or whatever, I have a big personality and I think my personality shines more than my looks. If there’s anybody that would want me for a job that my personality can get them money and get me money in my pocket by me having a check and there’s the right job out there for me and I can make a living and just be happy — if Hollywood comes a-knocking, I might have to take that opportunity. I’m taking applications. [laughs]”

So, what’s going on with you and Nick?

“Nick is amazing. Soon as I ran out, I ran right into his arms. That’s where I feel the comfortablest. We walked hand-in-hand in the after-party together. We talked a little bit last night on the phone, but after today, we’re going to meet up and talk. Kind of plan our first date. Nothing too serious yet, until we get talking about what was said in the house and if he lied to me about anything and I get know Nick even better than I had known him. There might be a future for GinaMarie and Nick, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Big Brother” returns for Season 16 in summer 2014.

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