howard overby big brother 15 exit interview 'Big Brother 15's' Howard Overby addresses the Amanda comment and the racism in the houseHoward Overby is the latest eliminated contestant from the “Big Brother 15” house. He tells Zap2it that the racism was “disheartening,” but he was kind of prepared for it. He also addresses the comment he made to Amanda that she’s been up in arms about this week.

Are you glad you went on “Big Brother,” even though you were eliminated before jury?

“Oh, absolutely. It’s been very, very, very life-changing. It’s been a blessing. I don’t regret anything or how it played out and I look forward to what’s to come after this. And whatever’s to come after this, I have to credit God and this show.”

There has been a lot of backlash online about the racist comments in the house, we heard GinaMarie use the n-word in the house and Aaryn talked about Helen making her some rice and GinaMarie talked about Helen doing her nails. But there was also the use of the f-word for gays and the c-word towards women — how do you respond to all that?

“It’s very disheartening, but I don’t respond to any of it. It’s disheartening, it’s unfortunate, but it’s a bad reality. Those are the things that happen when you have a very young cast, an immature cast this year, which also made the game hard to play because you needed more chiefs and less Indians. People were afraid to make a move. The most astonishing things were people who had big mouths for saying disrespectful things, but when it came down to doing stuff that mattered, they were timid in doing so.”

Was it hard not to confront those people?

“Yes. It was hard, but I know how I am personally and me, there’s ways to defend yourself and defend certain things and had we been in the world, I maybe could’ve said my piece and walked away, but when you’re in a house and enclosed, the probability of it happening again and me going to another level in my response to it, that could’ve led to anything. I always kept that in mind. But it was hard because it is what it is. … I was kind of [expecting it].”

I have been trying to cover all of the inflammatory comments, not just the racism. Do you think that’s warranted, that we draw attention to all hate speech and not just the racist comments?

“It’s hard not to. It makes for good TV, I guess, but the quality is bad. The show and the network, I feel bad for them in that respect. But there’s money in the line, people want attention, people want to win money and they’re willing to do anything and say anything. Unfortunately this year, because of the youthfulness in the game and most of the players, if you’ll notice the strong players that want to fight and just battle and play the game, there’s more manipulation of the weak and the timid. To manipulate, they’ll use every lie.”

… That was an element of the game that I definitely was not expecting. It stopped being about competition, it was about who started the lie first and getting people to argue against each other and personally dislike each other. The people who are always starting it are keeping their hands clean and always avoid the block.”

[We now ask Howard about an incident between him and Amanda a couple days ago, where he whispered something to her in the kitchen and she laughed and said, “Thank you” and that was ALL we saw of it on the live feeds. She later started saying she felt threatened and she made production check the tapes. She also told the house that Howard said to her that outside the house he would “f*** the s*** out of” her. But we have NO verification of this and did not write about it. From what we could see, production did not chastise or (obviously) boot Howard, plus they keep cutting the feeds every time Amanda talks about it in the house, so we waited until we could speak with him about it.]

There was some controversy on the live feeds this week over a comment you whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. She got pretty riled up about it, talking about feeling threatened and having production check the tapes. Can you tell us what happened? What did you say to her?

“I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”

Amanda is telling the house you said you want to “f*** the s*** out of her.”

“No. No. It wasn’t anything to that degree. Basically, I said we could hang out, you’re so hot. She had always joked with me in that fashion, even in public around other houseguests. … It was said in a joking manner. If she took it as [threatening], I will apologize over and over because I definitely didn’t mean it in an offensive manner.”

Who do you think is the strongest player in the game right now?

“Who’s strongest, best position? McCrae. I always liked the kid and it’s smart having Amanda, Amanda’s willing to do anything for him … people like him and they are willing to work with him outside of her. He’s in the best position.

Also Helen, she’s not without her sneaky ways or throwing a lie out here or there, but she uses the fact that she’s the mom, she’s happy-go-lucky, things of that nature and people respect her.

The wild card is Andy. Andy plays a great social game. In a season where it wasn’t supposed to be about floaters, it turns out you should’ve been a floater. He has not an enemy in the house.”

Who do you think is the weakest?

“At this point, probably GinaMarie and Aaryn. They’re always going to be associated with the blonde-tourage. I think once Aaryn comes down from Head of Household, she’ll be public enemy no. 1. Whoever won head of household, if it wasn’t GinaMarie, whoever is in the middle is going to do what the power four is going to do and the safe route is to get out one of those girls.”

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