Howard Overby describes himself as “just a good ol’ country boy from Mississippi,” but this new “Big Brother 15” houseguest is also a former college football player and seems to have his head in the game, so we aren’t sure he’s going to have anybody fooled about how big of a threat he really is.

“My strategy is to be as sociable as I can, but I don’t want you to know exactly what I’m thinking. That’s what I’m kind of like in real life, so that should come easy,” Howard tells Zap2it.

He also has a strategy for working with two alliances.

“I would like to align myself with the major threats, secretly. I don’t just want to get with the numbers. If I see one or two or three people that are positive threats, I want to get with them and form a power alliance early on, secretive,” says Howard. “Then align myself with a bigger alliance publicly. That’s just playing the numbers. The main thing for me is aligning myself with a secret alliance and a public alliance and being a mole on both ends of it.”

While being a good, upstanding young man is important to Howard, he does acknowledge that it is a game.

“I’m going to play the game, but I would love to play with dignity and honor. But with $500,000 on the line … I know things can change,” says Howard. “I won’t blatantly lie. I want to try to play it without too much backstabbing. I’d like to have
open-ended answers to stuff, where I didn’t really say that, so you
can’t really say I lied.”

He also tells us that he’s not against romance in the house, but he’s definitely hoping to keep his eyes on the prize.

“I’m single, but as far as hooking up with someone in the house — I’ll never say never, but that is not the focus at all,” says Howard. “Now, if I can use something to my advantage, I’ll do that. But I don’t want to misrepresent myself or my morals either.”

He also says there is one thing he absolutely will not to do win.

“I hate birds. I told the producers that I’m so frickin’ serious — I hate birds. If it comes down to something where it’s frickin’ birds, that’s gonna freak me out,” Howard laughs.

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