One of our favorite new “Big Brother” houseguests is Spencer Clawson, the 31-year-old railroad conductor from Arkansas. He tells Zap2it that while he’s a fan of the game and he is a smart guy, he’s worried about not fitting in.

“Sometimes you go into a situation and no matter how hard you try, you
just don’t fit in. You’re odd man out. That’s a fear,” says Spencer. “I’m more worried
about a collective group that’s hard to get along with, more of a
clique. It’s harder to get along with group think. Once everybody
decides they’re against you … if I’m not given the opportunity to know
them and I’m ostracized. That’s my main concern.”

We hope he isn’t odd man out. Because otherwise we don’t get our big-guy-with-the-beard showmance!

“I can’t honestly imagine some parallel universe where some female in the
house is going to think, ‘I’ll get farther in the game by hooking up
with the fat guy with the beard,'” Spencer laughs, when we ask him about showmances.

But rather than romancing the ladies, Spencer thinks he’ll do well by getting in the friend zone with them.

“I would like to align with some strong males, but I would like to have a sub-alliance with females. My plan is to get in the friend zone. I’m not some hard-body that’s all sexified or anything, so it’ll be real easy for me to get under the radar with people. Get in the friend zone and get to where females will share information with me. I’ll be braiding their hair by week three,” says Spencer.

He also says there’s nothing he won’t do to win the game.

“Within the parameters of the game, as far as lie, cheat, that kind of stuff — and when I say cheat, I don’t mean cheat the game, but sometimes you gotta do people dirty. It’s a game. I’m playing just for me. I want to win the money. I don’t have any sad story for why I need the it, but things I like cost money,” says Spencer.

“My strategy is fairly straightforward, fairly simple … it’s basically go in there and just be a cool guy, just relaxed. Basically, I want everybody to think that if I gotta be in this house for x amount of days, I’d rather be here with Spencer than so-and-so.”

Sounds like a pretty good strategy to us.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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