frankie ariana grande getty 'Big Brother 16': Frankie reveals Ariana Grande is his sister, claims he's playing for charityFrankie Grande made an interesting (and questionable, if you ask us) move in the “Big Brother 16” house Friday (Aug. 8) when he decided to reveal to the houseguests his sister is worldwide pop star Ariana Grande. Read on to find out how they reacted (but be warned of house spoilers), or just sign up for the live feeds to watch all the fallout yourself.

Around 10 pm PT is when Frankie decided it was time to tell everyone about his sister being super famous. He calls himself a “media mogul,” which is … not accurate. Les Moonves is a media mogul. Frankie has a YouTube channel. But whatever.

Reactions were mixed. Most of the guys in the house were like, “Um, OK. That’s nice,” while Victoria was really impressed (because of course she was) and both Christine and Caleb immediately thought Frankie could help their music careers (or in Christine’s case, her husband’s music career).

Nicole later voiced a worry about voting Frankie out “because he’s famous” and Cody had to remind her that Frankie is not famous, his sister is. Seriously, if these houseguests start treating Frankie like some kind of king because of who his sister is, I am going to vomit. Fingers crossed Derrick and Cody, who didn’t seem star-struck for one second, keep their wits about them and keep the other houseguests from going totally off the rails at this news.

Frankie also decided to tell the houseguests he’s “playing for charity” and that if he wins the money, he’ll use it to build schools in Africa. I call total shenanigans on this. In our pre-season interview with Frankie, he said he was playing to win the money because being Ariana Grande’s brother has not made him rich. “She doesn’t give me a check, I don’t get her money,” Frankie told Zap2it at the time. “We are completely separate people.”

While he may give *some* of the money to charity, I do not believe for one second that they should “let Frankie win,” as Zach brought up, because he’s going to be so selfless with the money. I expect more from Zach, honestly. At least Derrick, Cody and Victoria’s reaction to that sentiment was, “Um, no.”

For her part, sister Ariana thinks it was a good move on Frankie’s part, writing on Twitter, “Frankie might’ve just saved his game tonight!!! werrk @FrankieJGrande! told his whole truth & apologized for playing dirty like a man. proud.”

We aren’t so sure it saved his game, but we won’t really find out this week, since Frankie won the Battle of the Block competition and he and Caleb came down. That leaves Christine as HOH and Zach/Donny on the block. The Power of Veto should be happening sometime Saturday (Aug. 9), so we’ll keep you posted.

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