frankie-first-HOH-big-brother-16.jpg“Big Brother 16” has aired two episodes, but now it’s time for the real show to start — the live feeds. Sign up now if you haven’t already because they’re always a good time.

To recap: Frankie and Caleb are the first two Heads of Household and each nominate two people. The new Battle of the Block comp will pit the four nominees against each other in pairs and the winning pair is not only safe, but the HOH who nominated them is no longer HOH, which means he or she can be put up as a replacement nominee after Power of Veto. Exciting!

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1:06 — Well, no nomination information yet, but Joey is running around topless. Like, just unabashedly topless. Hayden also appears to be naked, but he’s putting a hat over his junk.

1:08 — Donny and Paola are missing keys on the Memory Wall, so they appear to be nominated. I would wager Caleb nominated Paola and Frankie nominated Donny, but I’m just guessing.

— Cody volunteered to be a have-not. Hayden is also a HN.

1:20 — It looks like maybe they’ve already done Battle of the Block and Frankie’s nominees maybe won, because Caleb appears to still be HOH and Paola and Donny are the only people who are still nominated.

— The photo below confirms it, the only keys missing are Paola and Donny. Interesting. Wonder who Frankie nominated? I’m really surprised that Caleb nominated Donny, but Caleb also seems like he’s kind of insane, so he probably sees the charming ol’ country man as a huge threat to the space he occupies in the house.

first big brother 16 hoh nominations 'Big Brother 16' live feeds spoilers: First HOH nominations are ...1:30 — Brittany and Joey are also have-nots along with Hayden and Cody.

1:38 — It’s confirmed that tomorrow (Friday) is the Power of Veto competition.

1:45 — Zach says he’s playing in Power of Veto Friday, so they must have chosen players today. It also sounds like Victoria might be playing, so that would be Caleb, Donny, Paola, Victoria and Zach so far. Jocasta is hosting.

2:05 — Sounds like Cody is also playing. Frankie wants Cody or Zach to win POV, so that’s the lineup: Caleb, Donny, Paola, Victoria, Zach and Cody.

2:07 — Zach and Frankie have a secret Final 2 deal, with Zach’s side alliance being Derrick and Cody and Frankie’s is Christine. Interesting. Guess Zach started acting nice and more normal. His behavior during Thursday’s premiere was very disheartening for me, I liked him so much on press day. I also think a Derrick-Zach-Cody alliance could be formidable, especially since the all-girl alliance has already fallen apart. *headsmack*

2:12 — According to Frankie and Zach, the top two targets right now are Caleb and Devin, who are apparently like BFFs. Cody hates Devin. Hates him, but it’s unclear why.

2:15 — Frankie makes it sound like Donny is going home. He doesn’t want Paola out because she’s going to self-destruct.

2:23 — Caleb has “serious” feelings for Amber (after a week, of course). And it looks like Hayden and Nicole might have a little something.

2:35 — Caleb will not shut up about Amber. It’s kind of scary. Is he going to stalk her the way Danielle stalked Shane? “I will not be IGNORED, Amber!”

2:41 — Caleb reveals that the two HOHs were not allowed to confer as to who they nominated, which begs the question, “How did they know they wouldn’t nominate the same people?” He also says he nominated the first guy and first girl who fell off and Frankie nominated the first two girls who fell off. Since Paola and Donny are still up, does that mean they had to nominate from the other HOHs competition-mates? Because Paola and Donny fell first in the first HOH, the one Frankie won. That would mean that Frankie’s nominees were Brittany and Victoria, so … so much for Frankie and Victoria being BFFs, I guess. And that means Brittany/Victoria beat Paola/Donny in the Battle of the Block comp. Interesting.

Alright, that’s going to do it tonight at Zap2it. But keep checking back here every day for updates about the hamsters.

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