big-brother-16-joey-amber-cody-CBS.jpgTime for the first hamster to be sent packing on “Big Brother 16,” which if you’ve been paying attention, is a foregone conclusion. The real reason we’re tuning in is to find out who the next two Heads of Household are.

The Eviction

So, the show has to make it look as though Joey has a chance to stay. She does not. Nobody really wants to keep her and nobody is interested in rocking the boat either, so she will probably be unanimously evicted. Her schtick where she dressed up as “Alex” and threatened everybody in the house? Went over like a lead balloon.

The only interesting part of this segment is that Devin is shown to be a little cuckoo-pants about his alliancemates. That is not just editing — he’s making everybody nervous in the house because he’s kind of a fidgeter. He can’t just leave well enough alone.

Anyway, Joey is evicted by a vote of 13-0. Yeah.

The Obsession

We do touch on Caleb’s “Fatal Attraction”-esque love of Amber. It’s super disturbing. She is NOT interested and he’s, like, borderline stalking her. Which is extra scary because they’re trapped in the same house together. It’s not Justin level knife-to-the-throat thing, but Caleb doesn’t just *like* her. He will NOT shut up about her to anyone, even after she rejects him.

The HOH Competition

It’s the women competing against each other and the men doing likewise, so that’s interesting. It’s a balance competition, so perhaps the show thinks the women have an inherent advantage with smaller feet? Anyway, Amber makes quick work of the women’s comp, so she’s the first HOH.

The men’s competition is similarly quick, though both Hayden and Cody flub the end of the competition, which means Devin is the new HOH with Amber. So that’s two Bomb Squad members. Huh. Who do you think they’ll nominate? I think Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta and Donny are going to be in trouble, so once again we have what looks like a male-dominated season. *sigh* As long as it’s not boring, it’s OK — I’m looking at you, Brigade.

Team America

The second member (or first member, since there are still going to be 3) is Donny. Shocking, right? Heck, I’m totally Team Beard by now too. And I’m actually pretty sad we didn’t get to watch Joey and Donny working together. But thank goodness CBS realized they need to get the final two team members figured out ASAP by letting us vote on both at once. We hope they tell them pretty soon and don’t wait a week. Let’s get this show on the road.

I have to say, after a week of “Big Brother” episodes, big quibble with this year is that with so much more to cram in to each broadcast episode, more and more actual house interactions get cut out, which is a shame. It makes the disparity between the feeds and the aired shows even greater.

What do you think of the two new HOHs? Who do you think they’ll nominate? If you want to know, check back with Zap2it for “Big Brother” updates all weekend, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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