amber jocasta big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' week 5 eviction and HOH resultsTime for another woman to be sent packing on “Big Brother 16” — must be Thursday!

The Master Plan

Before we can get to the eviction, we have to watch how the guy alliance masterfully played Caleb this week. I’m sad that Amber is the collateral damage (though happy to get her away from her stalker even if it means she leaves the house), but hats off to the Frankie/Zach/Derrick/Cody alliance because they played Caleb like a fiddle this week. They got him to think it was his idea to get Amber put up on the block as a re-nom (bolstered by his own psycho feelings that he had to “scare” her back “into her place”) and then they got him mad at Amber so that when she was evicted, he wouldn’t be mad at them about it. It was kind of insane how good of a job they did.

Perhaps the best broadcast shot of the entire season so far is Caleb in his Patrick Bateman hooded-onesie flinging the bunny slippers o’ despair across the room. He is seriously cracked out.

Speaking of weird outfits, what is Frankie wearing?! He looks like Richard Simmons if Richard Simmons decided to dress up like the Good Humor man.

The Eviction

The Team America guys wuss out on their mission this week. You know, it’s a shame that CBS finally gives us an awesome choice for them and then they can just decide not to do it. They should HAVE to do it. Anyway, Amber is evicted unanimously. No big shock there.

In her exit interview, Amber wins all the points today for saying she wasn’t into Caleb and she wasn’t going to pretend to be to win some money. Right on, sister.

The HOH Competition

The Q&A competition is based on loops playing on the Memory Wall earlier in the week, which was a very cool facet of the new Memory Wall, I must say. This game, on the other hand, is kind of weak because the questions are either too easy or they left the loops on the wall too long, because by the time they get through all the questions, it’s time to go to commercial and there are still five people left.

And that’s all she wrote for the live show, but we checked in with the live feeds — Nicole
and Donny! Wow. This should actually be an interesting week in the house. Remember, you can still sign up for the live feeds to keep track of all this week’s fun for yourself.

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