Our last episode had a double eviction that kept the show fast paced, engaging and while not surprising, at least it got us through the foregone conclusions with as little pain as possible. Which means that going back to the standard Big Brother show format this evening will be disagreeable to say the least. This is quickly proven to be true when even the previouslys seem too long, but they do offer some insight we missed the first time around rather than just rehashing the main points.

For example, while everyone is aware that the devious duo of Dick and Daniele (who again bring out the worst in alliteration) had not only betrayed their alliance with Jessica and Eric, but had also plotted to trick Jameka into making a deal with the devil (ie, Dick), what we did not see was if they ever brought that plot to fruition or if Jameka took the bait. Well, in our previouslys we see Jameka and Dick sneak off to the gym, where he gets her to promise not only to not put up him or Daniele if she wins HoH, but also to pledge all of her remaining votes to them. He actually tries to get her to promise on the bible but she responds that her word is all she has. Which, while slightly poetic, doesn’t make any concession to the fact that the person she is giving her word to is probably the one least worth it.

Also, while we all saw Eric call Daniele on her deception when he asked her if they were sending Jessica out, we did not have to see her whining come to the usual resolution of making herself the victim. She accomplished this by lying to Eric that it was a snap decision and that she felt sick about, adding her typical "I’m, like, shaking right noooow" before revealing in confessional that she was lying to him again and that she has no sympathy for him. Pushing her brand of evil past kicking kittens. Lastly, we all watched Zach make the stupidest decision ever by not using the PoV to get one of the Donatos on the block, with Eric being the second eviction of the evening and Zach camera talking that he hopes the Donatos take him to the final 3. Keep your ambitions low and you can never be disappointed, I suppose. 

With Eric out of the house, Jameka frowns that she is now on her own and the she’s "gonna decrease and let God increase" and I admit that I have no earthly idea what that means. Could she possibly decrease her role in the house any further? I fail to see how. Elsewhere in the house Dick and Daniele close the door on the circle room to Zach, telling him not to freak out, and then congratulate themselves on being in the final four. Dick euphorically points out that they have deals with Zach and Jameka to go to the final 3 and therefore they are completely safe. Sure. Daniele, obviously riding an undeserved power high on her dad’s coat tails (and I know there is a joke in there somewhere regarding getting high on his uniquely odoriferous brand of exhaust, but I don’t want to find it) immediately turns the conversation to targeting Zach next. She also laughs maniacally about how they are talking about it with him in the next room. Climbing the charts past taking cookies away from babies. Zach barges into the room and tells them that they better not send him packing and they tell him not to worry, but Daniele tells us that Zach is like the friend who calls you, but you let it go to voice mail instead of picking up. And she’s the kind of friend you don’t trust alone with your things.

The HGs notice that there are 14 new pictures up on the memory wall and all agree that they probably will be used in the HoH competition and they should study them. Daniele simpers that it was hard to focus on studying when it was so much fun to reminisce "over those days" as if two weeks ago was high school. Luckily, we don’t have to hear her whine about how she wishes Nick were still in the house as we go right to the HoH competition. The game is pretty straightforward: the HGs are asked questions and each correct answer allows them to take one step up to a small platform. The first person to get 7 right and reach the top wins. It is quickly a neck and neck race between Daniele and Zach and I realize the dismal truth of the matter when I find myself silently cheering for Zach to win and not just because Daniele adds exclamation points to all her answers and dots them with little hearts.

It comes down to a tie breaker question, wherein they each must guess the total number of HGs displayed in all 14 photos without going over, with the one guessing closest winning. Daniele looks about ready to cry as she tries to come up with an answer and Dick looks ready to puke when he sees that his daughter answered 58 and Zach answered 59, with the correct answer being 69. Daniele throws her answer board to the ground and all but stomps her feet as Zach whoops in solitary triumph. Which is nothing new for him.

Back in the house, Daniele whines to Dick that they should have kept Amber in the house (which seems rather apropos of nothing, really) and that she’s sure that of the two of them, she will be the one to go home. Dick tries to pgive her a pep talk, reminding her that they have a deal with Zach and that even if one of them does end up on the block, they can win the PoV easily, repeating a mantra of "We can do this! We can do this! We can do this!" causing Daniele to respond with her own mantra of "This sucks! This sucks! This sucks!", which she probably spells with an "x" actually. When Zach announces the reveal of his HoH room, everyone manages more fake cheer than they did last time around, but Daniele openly admits it’s because she wants to eat his junk food. Everyone quickly exits and Zach reads a letter from his family and cries, which makes him seem less phlegmatic. All the fist pumping and chest beating, however, does little to make him seem less oafish.

It’s not long before Dick campaigns to Zach to put up Jameka for eviction and while Zach is as non-committal as can be, he does reveal that he has always believed it will be him and Dick in the end and Dick agrees. Which means even Dick realizes his daughter is an airhead who couldn’t have made it this far without him and that he’s perhaps willing to let her get evicted before he goes himself. Which will make me giggle if it actually happens. Giggle with glee and perchance feel bad for the people in the jury house who will have to live with her whining about her terrible dad letting her get evicted. But more glee, since I won’t have to hear her whining anymore.

Zach actually surprises me by seeking out Jameka, telling her that he’s been playing alone (not finding the masturbation joke, either) since day one but that they now need to work together against the Donatos.  She agrees and he admits he wants to put them both on the block and that she will need to play her ass off in the PoV, which she also agrees to. Not that it will do much good, considering she is terrible at the competitions and has no hope of beating Dick or Daniele. But, the agreement made, Zach goes back to his room, where Daniele soon follows.

She comes in to find him reading the letter from his family again and she calls him obsessed before asking him if he’s going to put her and Dick on the block together. He brazenly replies with honesty, telling her that he has no idea who he will put up and that he is trying to decide what options will get him to the final 2. She points out that he won’t win the final 2 against Jameka and he agrees but points out that neither her or her dad will actually take him to the final 2 at all. He adds that for the first two thirds of the game he played dead and went under the radar and now he must actively play the game. Daniele tries to take credit for him getting as far as he has by telling him that there were many times in the past that the HGs wanted him out but that Dick stuck up for him. Zach shrugs and says that’s her opinion, but that he thinks it’s more likely that luck got him this far.

Hold on, does this mean Zach is actually realistic and not a complete oaf? I think I need to lay down.

Daniele arrogantly tells Zach he can’t win against her dad in the final 2. Which makes no sense, because were the house given the option of choosing between a bucket of month old slop and Dick, the slop wins. But Daniele is on a tear and continues that her dad has played the best game and no one will beat him before huffily leaving to find Dick. She tells her dad that she is sure Zach is going to put them both on the block and though Dick replies that it won’t matter, it’s long before he’s hunting down Zach himself. When he finds him, he reminds Zach that they had a deal to get to the final 3 and that he hopes he won’t back out on that. Conveniently ignoring the fact that he had planned on backing out of that deal himself, before Zach won HoH. Zach again uses his policy of honesty and tells Dick that at this point they must all do what’s in their own best interests to get to the final 2. Dick petulantly gets up and says he’s not going to talk to him about it anymore before adding the final threat that Zach better pray he gets the PoV on his side. If he has Jameka, he has the power of prayer!

We come to the nomination ceremony and Zach carries out the giant wheel with only 1 key remaining. He introduces the final nomination ceremony by stating that some people came to the house to make relationships and some came to find friendships, but he came to play the game. He adds that he feels like he did it on his own, never receiving confirmation in the game that he had any friends in the house, instead spending his days playing chess alone. All the same, he finds himself having to chose between the only two to have offered him any sort of friendship and the one person who managed a miracle and restored his faith in God. Even Jameka’s eyebrows go up with those words, but she doesn’t argue, especially after it is revealed that Dick and Daniele are on the block.

Dick mutters that it was what they expected, and Zach continues his monologue, saying that while Dick and Daniele’s tactics were awful and he didn’t agree with them, they work. He points out that Daniele has won 6 competitions and that it is equally hard to beat Dick at anything and together they have dominated the house. Strangely, he then adds that Jameka has not even had a chance to really play, and that by putting them both up for eviction he hopes to level the playing field for her, causing Daniele to laugh. Zach frowns, clearly on a roll, saying that no one has been willing to muscle the Donatos out of the game, but he’s the muscle and he;d going to try. He tells them that neither of them would have taken him to the final two, and Daniele interjects "Oh really?", but he ignores her and says if this doesn’t work, they will still win but he had to try. It may be too little too late, but I sure hope not.

For her part, Daniele snottily scoffs at Zach feeling like he can win anything, calling him cocky in the same breath she declares their defeat of him will be "brutal, to say the least" in the most arrogant manner possible. Pot, have you met Kettle? Dick can only say that Zach is stupid, because if they win the PoV, they win the game. Which makes me laugh, because it implies that he thinks Daniele will share the money with him if she wins!

Posted by:Jessica Paff