The Big Brother house has been pretty quiet as of late. With Keesha not using POV, it looks like Angie is out the door for sure. Jessie made a good go at becoming Mr. ‘Roid Rage Crazy Pants, but I still think the Libra/April/Ollie/Keesha alliance is going to get Angie out of the house. Angie seems to have accepted it and not much is happening on the live feeds.

One interesting tidbit that just supports my April and Keesha are stupid Mean Girls who are only jealous of Angie is that the boys in the house told Renny that Angie is the "most natural" beauty in the house (which she is). April and Keesha naturally hated hearing that and sat around for awhile yesterday talking about how unpretty Angie is. It is so transparent why they don’t like her, it makes me want to barf. Libra is surprisingly campaigning to get Jessie out, but I don’t think the Mean Girls will go for it.

Renny’s birthday came around and Big Brother didn’t do anything for her, which is lame, so April made Renny a chocolate chip cookie cake. That’s nice of her.

America’s Player is back, folks! I’m sure you all heard on the show last night, but go to CBS to vote on who America’s Player should be. I’m voting for Memphis. He’s about the only player left that I like.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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