houseguest Casey says that Russell is playing five sides and that the reason Ronnie isn't out this week is because he did the "Ronnie Hustle" again. Full interview after the jump (spoilers about who won HOH).

What were you up to before Big Brother?
Before Big Brother, you know I’m a family man. I’ve got a one year-old baby that I’ve spent the last year snuggling up with every night. My wife and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary, I just finished up my 15th year of teaching elementary school and I do some DJing and hosting.

Are you going back to that?
Well, I mean, you let me know. If you got a good offer now, I’m taking offers. [laughs] As far as I know, yeah. I don’t have any big aspirations. I wasn’t doing this necessarily… I think there are people in the house who are doing this for a resume builder. I did it for the adventure and the fun, it’s a once-in-a -lifetime thing. I’m assuming I’m going back to my life but if something comes my way I’m certainly willing to make a change.

Did you hear about who won HOH?
I have not! You got that? [tells Casey] I don’t doubt that. Russell’s a tough guy, he has a tough-minded focus, so that doesn’t surprise me at all. Good for him, good for Russ.

Last week, Laura was pretty confident that my next interview would be with Ronnie. What happened?

Ronnie did the Ronnie Hustle, man. He worked his mind tricks, I guess, and got in the heads of the people in power. I’m assuming he worked some kind of deal with Jessie. It was a house-wide hatred and I am not one for the mob mentality but he deserved it. He had done pretty much everybody in the house wrong and everybody was united as one but things are speeded up in the house. A disagreement that might take you two or three weeks to work out, they’re worked out in 2 or 3 days sometimes. He was able to sweep it under the rug, he made his deals and got me put out instead. You know, he voted the way Jessie wanted him to week one and he didn’t nominate Jessie in week two and I think that carried a lot of weight.

Question from fan Sabrina: Why in the world didn't you see this coming? You and Jeff are the biggest threats in the house as far as Jessie and Russ are concerned.

Russell was kinda playing both sides. Actually, Russell is playing five sides. There are pros and cons to that. You know, I thought Jessie had given me a handshake, man to man, “you’re good dog, don’t worry about it”, so I took him on his word. I knew going into it that one of my downfalls is that I’m too trusting. I give people the benefit of the doubt, I expect the best out of people, I want to think humans are good in general and that bit me in the butt. He wasn’t a man of his word. He can call it game play all he wants, but he still stabbed me in the back.

Who do you think is playing the best game so far?
Ummm… I think… I consider Kevin a real floater. Just not bringing too much attention to himself. He’s doing it intentionally. I floated a little bit, I won some competitions, but I was trying to float, not call a lot of attention to myself. I didn’t get involved in the big blow-ups and Kevin is doing the same thing. He knows who is with who, he knows who is coming after who but he stays in the background.

I think Natalie is pretty smart. To find out she’s 24 explains a lot. The fact that she lied about it is wise. I know I didn’t want to go at her because it would be perceived as picking on her. Eventually, I think she can gain friends if somewhere down the line she cuts Jessie’s throat and is seen as an asset and not scared to go after the big dogs.

Ronnie obviously is manipulating a lot of people in the house. I hope they’re on to him. Lord God, I hope they’re on to him. The guy walks around in a shirt that says, “I’m lying.” It blows my mind that people would trust him.

Michele is a bit of an enigma. I’m not real good at this, Andrea. [laughs. Ed's. note: I thought he was doing great] Being as distant as she can be but still working behind the scenes is probably pretty wise.

Who do you think is the most under the radar?
I think probably Kevin. Michele, though she’s under the radar, she’s flipped out a couple times on people and I don’t know if that’s by design or not. She seems a little emotionally unstable, to be quite honest, and I don’t know if that’s an act or not. Jordan is obviously under the radar. I think eventually she’ll go home because I don’t know how well she’ll do at the competitions. They are probably the least noticed in the house. Even though Jordan was up a couple times, I think she was a sacrificial lamb because they assume she’s not going to be an asset so if she has to go, it’s not going to hurt anybody. Poor baby, she’s a nice girl.

Who is playing the worst game?

Besides me? [laughs] You know, Jessie has been successful so far, but I think he’s put targets on his back unnecessarily. Truth be told, if he kept me, I wasn’t coming after him. So getting rid of me wasn’t a good idea.  Russell is stretching himself a little thin. He’s been making alliances with everybody but there comes a time when you gotta ride with a crew, which is what I did and it didn’t work out because we didn’t win. All it takes is one HOH and your future can change, so that may keep Russell safe for a little while. I’m sure the power will go to his head. I saw it with Jessie and Natalie and Ronnie. They got drunk with power. “Make me a sandwich, Come up to the HOH room and talk to me.” I’m curious to see if Russell does the same thing. Power corrupts.

Final thoughts?
You know what? I just want to say thank you to Big Brother, it was an honor to be selected and to think that I was special enough to be one of the 13 really makes me feel good. It’s validating for me. You can think you’re good looking or funny or intelligent but until this comes along to affirm that, you’re just tooting your own horn. I’m appreciative of the opportunity, it was quite an experience.

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