As you may know from the show last night, we last left our Big Brother house guests standing on the edge of a fake building. I was severely disappointed they never got attacked by a giant animatronic gorilla. If I ever live on Roosevelt Island, I’ll hope for that every time I ride the tram. Anyway, come with me after the jump for the competition results.

Jerry and Libra were out first, they went in less than 30 minutes. Weak.

Dan and Ollie quit within the next 20 minutes. I mean, the building is tilted forward at a pretty steep angle, but c’mon people! People on Survivor have gone HOURS in much worse conditions. Of course, that’s pretty much the difference between Survivor contestants and Big Brother contestants right there.

Jessie out before they’ve gone an hour. Way to go, muscles.

At the hour mark, Memphis is out. His hand is bleeding from holding on, so perhaps this is harder than it looks. I guess.

At 1 hour 45 minutes, Renny gets disqualified from turning around on the wall. Bummer, that tough old lady was really hanging in there.

At 2 hours and 40 minutes, Michelle accepts a deal with April that April will not nominate Michelle or Jessie either before or after the POV competition. Interesting.

If I had to predict, I’d say April will nominate Jerry and Memphis. Let’s get the old man out!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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