theme this year is high school. It sounds like the houseguests will be divided up into stereotypical high school cliques.

As such, our previews are divided into what I’m guessing the cliques will be. The easiest, most obvious one to pick out was the Jocks. Our Jocks this year are Jeff, Natalie and Russell.

Jeff Schroeder is a 31 year-old advertising salesman from Norridge, Illinois. He is single (most of them are) and says he wouldn’t be averse to a “showmance,” if the girl met his criteria. We can only speculate as to what that criteria is. I’m going to go with two eyes, two boobs and a pulse.

Jeff is a jock because he says “to date, the accomplishment he is most proud of is playing running back for Benedictine University.” What I find interesting about this is that BU is a D-III school, which means that it isn’t as… competitive as, say, Notre Dame football. I mean, my high school stadium is bigger than a lot of D-III football fields. I also know a lot of above average high school athletes (above average, not state champions or anything) who played D-III sports. It makes me wonder if perhaps, since this is Jeff’s accomplishment he is most proud of, if he is a 31 year-old dude who can’t let go of the glory days when he “played college football.” Interview with Jeff from RealityWanted below:

Natalie Martinez is a 24 year-old self-described “feisty Latina.” Anybody who describes themselves as “feisty” needs to get punched. She is a Tae Kwon Do champ but also weighs about 90 lbs soaking wet so she’s used to being “underestimated.” I love reality show contestants with that particular chip on their shoulders. It always seems to shake out that they weren’t “underestimated,” they were just “estimated” and pretty accurately at that. Natalie is also single, so maybe she and Jeff can wrestle and showmance.

Russell “the Love Muscle” Kairouz is a 24 year-old Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He also has the grossest nickname ever. He’s also a real estate broker (“You will BUY THIS HOUSE!”) and hates people who do not think before they act. Interestingly, in college, he was in a motorcycle accident while trying to impress a group of girls. The crash left him temporarily paralyzed and it took six surgeries to get him back into fighting form. One would hope that this makes him more grown up and less meathead-y, but time will tell. Interview with The Love Muscle from RealityWanted below:

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