michele 'Big Brother': Interview with evicted house guest MicheleMichele was evicted from the “Big Brother” house last night (sniffle). Here is her exit interview with Zap2It.

What were you up to before Big Brother?
I was a neuroscientist at CalTech. I was studying the role of a sugar modification of proteins on learning and memory (ironic, right?).

What do you plan on doing after it wraps?
I’m either going back to my old job or pursuing some sort of science related TV job. We’ll see. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Though you didn’t win the big prize, what have you taken away from this experience in the Big Brother House?
I have more physical and mental strength that I thought I did and my love between me and my husband has definitely grown.

I think you played a great game and had I been in the jury house, would’ve rewarded your good game play. Do you think the Jury Members are really so petty that they wouldn’t have voted for you?
No, I was lying to just try to convince Kevin that he should have kept me. I think that the jury will vote on strategy and game play not grudges.

Are you really going to try to turn the Jury Members against Kevin because he voted you out?
I was bitter the night I left…probably not.

You seemed to be playing a flawless solo game up to the point where Russell replaced Kevin on the block. This and his ultimate eviction seemed to throw you. Do you think it was a mistake to abandon the lone wolf strategy and get involved with an alliance?
No, I don’t because when it comes down to the later weeks you need someone who can help you out with the POV to get along in the game.

Even though you were the target of many harsh words (which we think were very unfair!) from your fellow house guests, do you realize that you are very well-liked by most BB viewers watching the show? We think you are one of the nicest, most admirable players ever.
I thought that might be possible. I was funny and nice towards the other houseguests and I think I was scapegoated by my fellow houseguests and I wasn’t as bad as they said I was.

Who do you think is playing the best game?
At this point Kevin is playing the best game

Who is playing the worst game?
I think Jordan is getting played pretty badly. I’m not sure if she knows she’s being floated to the end just to be beaten and she never strived for first. She was always fine with second place.

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