natalie bigbrother11 290 'Big Brother': Interview with runner up NatalieNatalie has plans to invite several house guests to her pending nuptials. Read what else the “Big Brother” runner-up had to say about her experiences.

What are your plans now that Big Brother is over?
It’s time to get back to reality and get back to the real world. I have a wedding to plan, I’m super-excited to get going on that. I would like to keep my options open, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing other things so I’m going to see what opportunities present themselves to me and I’m going to roll with the punches.

Were you surprised by any of the votes last night?
I was not surprised at all. I don’t know what they do show and don’t show you guys, but as we were sitting in there, I laid the votes out for Jordan. I told her you’ve got this by a landslide. I told her I was going to get Russell and Kevin and she would get the rest, including America’s vote. I knew I was playing for second place, I was just hoping for 2nd.

How did you know Russell would vote for you?
There were times when Russell and I were on different sides, but him and I actually had a good relationship. At times we fought but we bonded on a few things and when he left I talked to him and there were even some tears shed. Russell out of anybody was most like me. He played the game. He shut off who he was in real life and I did the same thing. He played the game, he lied, he manipulated and he was able to see how I did the same. and he respected me in the end.

Why didn’t you come clean about being 24 at the end? Michele asked you a question about being 18 and engaged.
Well, I decided to stress the engagement part because you only have 45 seconds and I wanted to make the engagement clear to all of them that it was a true story and I was proud of it. I wanted all of America to know it and I only had time to address one part of the question and I chose that one.

Is the engagement real?
I don’t see how Big Brother could have staged something that huge, actually get someone to fake an engagement. That would not be reality TV and Big Brother is a reality show so I don’t see how anybody could feel that it wasn’t real.

[Ed’s note: Hmmmmm]

Have you guys set a date?
We have, it’s going to be in March and it will probably be on March 19th or the 26th.

Are you inviting any of your Big Brother house guests?
I will be, definitely. I will surely be inviting Jordan and of course I will be inviting my girl Chima and Kevin and Russell will be getting invitations too.  That’s where the list ends.

What if Jordan brings Jeff?
That’s okay, Jeff and I get along just fine. He knew we were playing a game, he understands that. I have no qualms with Jeff.

How do you feel about Jessie and Lydia voting for Jordan to win?

You know, I knew that Jessie was going to vote that way and that Lydia would do whatever Jessie did. Jessie was bitter. He found out that I got engaged, he was upset by the good-bye message I left him and the only way he could pay me back was to not vote for me. When he didn’t vote for me, he showed how he really did like me because if he didn’t feel rejected he would’ve voted in his alliance. He didn’t even LIKE Jordan but this was the only way he could get back at me for rejecting him. I was expecting it.

In hindsight, would you do anything differently in the game?
I would not. I wouldn’t change how I played at all. Yes, I said a lot of things and told a lot of lies but this is a game and a lot of people don’t understand that. The way people are in the house isn’t necessarily how they are in real life. I wanted to play the game to the fullest and i wanted to do anything I could to win and it got me to where it did so I really wouldn’t change anything, even my lie about being 18. I truly feel I never would’ve gotten to the end if I didn’t lie. Even if those lies cost me votes in the end, I don’t think I could’ve even gotten there without lying, so I would do it all over again.

Do you have any messages for your fans?
I do. To all the people who have been supporting me this season and been saying good things about me, thank you. I know a lot of people have ill-will towards me and you know, I hope once people read my interviews they will actually see me for the person I really am. There was $500,000 at stake, I considered it a high-stakes game and you have to switch on to game mode and turn off who you are in real life. I did what I thought was necessary to get me closer to the half a million dollars and to everybody who understood that, thank you. I hope that the people who didn’t understand that at the time will understand it better now.

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