kevin hoh 'Big Brother': Interview with third place finisher KevinKevin couldn’t quite pull out a win on last night’s “Big Brother” finale, but he’s very good-natured about it. And he wants to get himself a Big Mac. Read the full interview below.

What are your plans now that Big Brother is over?
Girl, my plan is to get my grub on. I’m hungry! I wanna get me a Big Mac. [laughs]  I really don’t know. I hopefully have my job still and I can go back to my life, I’m trying to get back into the real world. If anything comes my way, great, but I just wanna get back into the grind.

If you had won HOH last night, would you really have taken Jordan?  Or would you have taken Natalie like Jordan did?
No, I really would’ve taken Jordan. I guess that would’ve been a dumb move but I really was thinking of taking Jordan.

Did you really think Natalie had the votes on the jury?
I did! I thought Jessie was still going to be on her team, I don’t know. In my mind, I thought that the jury was going to vote for Natalie if it came down to us two so I thought I’d just go with Jordan. I’m glad it didn’t come down to my choice because then I would’ve lost and would really have been bitter if I’d won HOH and lost to Jordan when I could’ve taken Natalie and won the money.

Why did you vote for Natalie? You said it was “strategic,” what did that mean?
Um, I know there’s a lot of love for Jordan out there so I don’t want to hate on her. Jordan’s not a fan of Big Brother, she never watched Big Brother and she just kinda fell into this. She was hanging on to Jeff and I wanted to give my vote to somebody who actually hustled, somebody who was doing everything possible to win and I thought Natalie did that. I thought to myself, Between the two do I give it to somebody who is nice, who I like or somebody who I knew was lying to me but who was hustling to get though this game? I know that’s not a popular thing to think but that’s what I was thinking. You know, I haven’t watched any episodes yet so whatever Natalie was doing behind my back I don’t know about. Everybody’s telling me, “Natalie this, Natalie that,” but I didn’t know that last night.

Do you think your vote would’ve changed if you’d had time to talk to the other Jury Members?
Absolutely I think my vote would’ve changed if I was actually on the Jury and had been able to see some episodes. I mean, I found out on live TV that Natalie was 24! From day 1 or 2, I was skeptical. I was like, “Girl, you are not 18,” but she was so adamant about being 18 that I was like, “Okay.”  I mean, my vote could’ve changed but I also wanted to give it to a fan of the show and Jordan’s not a fan. She’s like, “What’s Big Brother?” She didn’t even know Julie’s name. She found out the day she moved in that the host was Julie Chen. Jordan was sweet and nice and but got carried through the game by Jeff. She won the clutch HOH, so I can’t hate on her for that, but that wasn’t the reason for my vote.

Now that everything is said and done, would you still have aligned yourself with Natalie as long as you did? Or do you think you should have gotten her out before Michele?
Noooo, why are you asking me hindsight questions??? [laughs] I don’t know how Michele was coming across on TV but Michele was shifty in the house. Girl, you do not even know. I could never figure out what she was thinking. I really did want to align with her but I asked Michele if she wanted to work together to get Natalie out and she said no, so I had no choice but to align with Natalie.

In hindsight, is there anything you would’ve done differently in the game?
I don’t know yet, I haven’t watched any of the episode. I think I would’ve been nicer to the producers. You lose your mind in the house and I was like a disobedient child in the house. I don’t know if I would change anything because I made it to the end and I had a fair shot to win the final HOH and I didn’t win, so I can’t really say I would change anything. I’m sure watching the episodes I’ll be like, “Damn why did I do that?”  But at this point, no. I did get in two big fights with Braden and Ronnie early on, that was embarrassing. I got all masculine for a second.

Do you have any thing to say to your fans? You were very well-liked by the viewers.
I guess just thank you so much for your support. I didn’t think anybody would like me, but just thank you so much. And hit me up on Facebook!  [laughs]

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