Laura_bigbrother11_290 Laura says that in the “Big Brother” house, Natalie and Ronnie are the only two gamers left. Read the rest of her interview after the jump.

What were you up to before you time on Big Brother?
Before my time on Big Brother, I was working, taking some time off from school. I do promotional modeling, so I have a really open schedule. I just do different kinds of promotions and events and pageants. I pursued this because I’m a huge huge huge Big Brother fan and I got it and unfortunately now I’m going home. [laughs]

Did you enjoy your time in the Big Brother house?
I definitely did. You go from extremely high in the house when you’re on top and doing well and you’re eating whatever you want and then you have extreme lows when you’re a have not, sleeping in that room and eating slop and taking cold showers. I lost 10 lbs in the house! I would recommend that anyone who is a fan to apply. It was all worth it in the end.

You were the instigator for one of the best confrontations in Big Brother history. Can you just walk me through that?
Well, Ronnie called me upstairs because he wanted me to plead my case and let him know why I should stay, which shouldn’t have mattered anyway because he didn’t have the votes and he didn’t have the power anyway but that is beside the point. Anyway, I went downstairs and he called up the other side of the house and Natalie comes running down, she grabs Jessie, they get Russell, he starts cussing out Ronnie. I was extremely angry and I was almost positive I was going home anyways, so I went and grabbed Ronnie and called him out in front of everybody. I was willing to swear on anything that I was telling the truth and he just stood there and it made him look stupid and I’m really glad people were able to see who was the mastermind behind everything before I left. I hated having to leave second but at least I set up the house so he’ll be gone this week.

You were part of the “Popular” clique, which was obviously the very good-looking people. Do you think you were underestimated because you’re so pretty?
I don’t think I was ever really underestimated. I think in the long run I left because they thought that I was smart, they thought that I was a target. Early on, people said to me, “Oh yeah, I can tell you’re a lot more than just looks.” Unfortunately! I wanted to just float along for awhile but with this particular cast you can’t do that. You have to really cling on to people and start forming alliances immediately. I had to bust out of my shell really quick and then they’re like “whoa you’re a huge target, we’re getting rid of you.”

In the Big Brother house, things change by the hour. Do you really think that by this time next week I’ll be interviewing Ronnie?
I worry that you won’t because you’re 100% correct. Things change by the minute in that house. There’s only about 3 or 4 days a week when we have stuff to do and the other days are what we refer to as “groundhog days” because it’s the same thing. We’re get up at 9 am and we’re up til 4 am and all we do is talk game. Now, Natalie’s smart and with Jessie in power, I think Ronnie still could go out next. Natalie and Ronnie are the only two gamers left so you really could see him evicted, I think.

It’s interesting that you say that. Are Natalie and Ronnie really the biggest gamers?
The way I see it, yes. Being in the house is totally different. You don’t really know the whole picture. I’m sure other people scheming but the two people who really know the game and are really competitive about it are Ronnie and Natalie. There could be somebody in there who is sneaking along, but I think Natalie is really smart and Ronnie is obviously really smart, but Natalie is under the radar.

That was actually my next question. Who is flying under the radar the most?
Definitely Natalie. I think she’s a huge, huge threat. If I was still in the house and I was HOH, it would be Natalie and Jessie on the block with the plan to backdoor Ronnie but I wouldn’t mind if Natalie or Jessie went home. She’s an amazing competitor. Everybody in the house loves her, nobody dislikes Natalie.

Who do you think is playing the smartest game so far?
Honestly, again Natalie. She’s really aligned herself well because she’s aligned with really strong powerhouses in the game and they’re going to drag her along. She’s also got the Chima alliance and Lydia really likes her.

Who do you think is playing the worst game so far?
Ronnie is an obvious choice because he showed his cards way way too soon. Other than that, I don’t really see anybody who is playing a terrible game. Casey has put himself in a bad position lately, which you’ll see next week. Yesterday he got in a big fight with Ronnie and said some really rude things and really upset some people in the house.

Do you have anything to say to your fans? I know you have some.
I’m surprised, after two weeks. Just thanks for watching and we love all the support and I hope to stay really involved in the Big Brother community and just to keep watching because I know I will be.

Final thoughts?
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time next week you’re talking to Ronnie.

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