Chima_bigbrother11_290 If you have tickets to attend the "Big Brother" live eviction show tomorrow night, the time has changed due to Chima's threat of on-air shenanigans.

I have it from a tip that CBS has changed the time of the "Big Brother" live show. Not the broadcast time, that's still at 8 pm/7 pm central, but the time the people come to the studio. UPDATE: it has been changed from 2:00 pm BBT to 11:30 am BBT, which is a pretty significant difference.

Jeff has the Coup d'Etat. Chima is Head of Household. Chima has threatened that if the Coup d'Etat is used she will go absolutely bat-crap, outhouse rat crazy on live national television. So what is CBS doing? Changing the time of the show so that they can tape it first and censor anything too outlandish.

First of all… grow up, Chima. Being HOH does not equal being Queen of the World. You get to nominate people and then your power is basically over. People do not have to bend to your every whim and I hope that Jeff takes that Coup d'Etat and shoves it right where the sun don't shine by nominating your alliance-mates Natalie and Jessie. I mean, Chima keeps calling Russell a "terrorist" on the live feeds and she finally said it's because he "terrorizes the house." I don't totally buy that that's the reason, but who's the terrorist now, Chima? Who is terrorizing CBS with her threats of a childish tantrum on live TV?

Secondly, that's a little weak CBS. You already censored Chima's speech when she was nominated and you didn't let us see Braden's little homophobic/misogynistic tirade, so now you're actually changing the live show so you can tape it beforehand? Bah.

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