So the Big Brother Luxury Competition has taken place. It turned out to be quite the riddle and definitely had some interesting results. I think I’m happy with the way it turned out, but my final verdict is still out. Follow along after the jump for the results of the competition.

Earlier today the houseguests went into the backyard to find (from what I could see from the feeds) a large hatching egg, a big hot dog with relish, a wolf sitting on a pillow, some fruit, a bath tub, an elephant, a wishing well, a large diamond, a cake, a statue and a bell to ring when they had a guess. That was it (initially).

Eventually a person in a gorilla suit came out and started acting things out. He poses like the "The Thinker" sculpture, plays with the objects in the yard, wears a cape. Jerry is eliminated with 3 wrong guesses fairly quickly. Shocker. The gorilla then starts putting drapes over objects, like the bathtub, the wolf and the elephant. Dan then finds a movie ticket in the wishing well and I think maybe my guess about the MTV VMAs is going to be correct.

Finally the feeds go down and when they come back we learn that Dan has won the competition. But he’s going to a private beach (HUH?). So that’s really weird. He also says he was offered the choice to take someone with him, but he chose to go alone. I really think that’s about all he could. If he took Memphis and left Keesha alone in the house with Jerry, Keesha would’ve KILLED him. And he would NEVER get her vote in the end. If he goes alone, Memphis would still vote for him if somehow the Final Two are Dan and someone besides Memphis.

I do wonder how this  "changes the game…?"

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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