Michelle Last night was a whirlwind night of Big Brother and I am just thrilled with how it all turned out. My Dan/Memphis alliance looks to be in pretty good shape, though we’ll see how the new Head of Household feels about them. Follow along after the jump for Michelle’s exit interview.

Did you enjoy Big Brother?
I enjoyed every hour, minute and second of BIG BROTHER!!!! It was a dream come true!!!! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!!!!!! It  was such an amazing experience that I can’t put it into words. The house is crazier than I ever expected. I wish I was still there. I am grateful and blessed to have had the privelage of being in the Big Brother house. I would love to go BACK!!!!!!!!!

Are you glad you participated?
I am so happy I was put into the house. I have been a fan of Big Brother since day one season one!! It was a roller coaster ride of emotions but I still can’t believe I was in the house and made it this far. I am very proud of myself and hope my family, friends, and Rhode Island are proud of me too!!

What would you have done differently in your game play?
Looking back I can say I would have done a lot of things different like use the POV week 2 or nominate two different people but would I have made it this far is the queston…… It’s easy to say that you would have played differently but I am happy with my decisions and hope to have the opportunity to do it again …Big Brother all stars here I come.

How do you explain your harsh words regarding Dan? Do you think it’s okay to talk about him being a child molester because you’re mad you got outplayed?
I think when you are put in that house you say a lot of things with out thinking but I think he is a disgrace to Catholics and Teachers. I am catholic but left my religion at the door….. he used religion, the Bible and the Cross to hide behind. Everyone not just myself felt the same way. The house also thought he is weird if he wasn’t a plant and I along with everyone thinks he needs help.

Do you regret aligning with Ollie and not trying to stick with Keesha, Renny, Dan and Memphis?
I do not regret aligning with Ollie. I didn’t trust those four for good reason especially Memphis. I had an alliance with him but that was a huge mistake that I regret. He rode my coat tails and didn’t win any HOH comp. on purpose. That didn’t help me at all.

Do you think you’ll try to see Jessie outside the house? Are you that good of friends?
I can’t wait to see Jessie. I hope he is doing well. I would like to remain friends with Jessie. We got along so good and talked about everything and anything. It was a getaway from all the craziness in the house for Jessie and I so I’m excited for the finale.

Who do you think is the strongest player in the house?
I think Ollie is because he has been riding under the Radar and he hadn’t won a HOH OR POV but now is the time for him to start winning and taking out everyone one by one. I wish him a lot of luck.

Who do you think is the sneakiest player in the house?
It’s a tie between Dan and Memphis they are both sneaky. I think they will be played by the girls. They are sneaky but everyone in the house knew it and it will come to bite them in the ass.

Any other thoughts you’d like to add?
I hope that I have the opportunity to do it again as crazy as that sounds. I also hope that America and all my fans enjoyed the Craziest and Fiercest season of Big Brother EVER!!!!!!!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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