Last night there was a lot of stuff happening in the Big Brother house. Michelle was evicted 3-1, Keesha won Head of Household and nominated Jerry and Ollie, Dan won the Power of Veto and elected not to use it and then Ollie was evicted 3-0. Whew! Big night! But there was an unaired Head of Household competition after the live show and I’m here to let you know what happened.

The absolute worst person won Head of Household. Now, I realize it would be really boring if Dan/Memphis/Keesha won HOH, but Jerry is the new HOH. Blech. The other four are completely sweating nominations, but it sounds like Jerry is nominating Dan and Keesha, telling Keesha that she is not the target. Interesting. I hope Memphis wins POV and takes Dan off. That would be epic because then Memphis can’t be backdoored. If Dan wins it, he’ll take himself off (as he should) but then Memphis might replace him. This ought to be an interesting week in the house.

On to more disturbing news. Keesha is a little actress, did you know? In between shifts at Hooters, she found time to film a horror movie called The Fear Chamber. The video of her big gory death scene is now available, but I must disclaim that it is GRAPHIC and there is also NUDITY. But if you want to see Keesha’s lil’ Keeshas, they are in the video. So proceed at your own risk. The video can be found here.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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