Ollie was the unfortunate victim of the Big Brother fast-forward Thursday night and was on the block, not vetoed and out of the house in the span of an hour. The fast-forward night rules! I also hope the fast-forward means that someone is being voted back into the house. There are several houseguests I’d like to see given another shot. Also because of how crazy it would drive the jury members. Follow along after the jump for Ollie’s exit interview.

Did you enjoy Big Brother?
Of course I enjoyed this. It was a blast.

Are you glad you participated?
I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world (except $500,000).

Would you have done anything differently in your game play?
Win a few competitions.

Do you regret your showmance with April?
No way. April is the most special person I’ve met in my life.

Do you think your showmance made you a bigger target in the house?
It probably did. However, it was worth it because of a lot of people used it to their advantage.

Do you plan to be with April outside the house? Were you really planning to move to Arizona either way?
I do plan to be with April outside the house. Yes, I was planning on moving to Arizona either way. So it works out great.

Are you really bitter about Dan flipping on you or can you respect the smart game play?
I can respect Dan flipping on me. It played in his favor obviously because he’s still in the game. Besides, I flipped on him the 1st week so I guess I had it coming.

Who do you think is the strongest player in the house?
Jerry. No one is taking him serious which makes him the bigger threat.

Who do you think is the sneakiest player in the house?
Keesha. She has won two Head of Households now and has a shot at the grand prize. No one in the house considers her a strong player so we’ll see.

Any other thoughts you’d like to add?
I’m just grateful for the opportunity that I had in the house and for your time. Thanks!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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