The Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony has taken place and the feeds have come back. I’m here to tell you what went down, readers. I’m very pleased with the result. Follow along after the jump to find out the results.

As expected, Memphis used the Power of Veto on Dan and Jerry was forced to replace Dan with Renny. That is exactly what I was hoping would happen from the moment Jerry made his nominations. This is great.

Another funny thing I heard on the feeds last night is that Jerry seems to be under the delusion that the next HOH contest involves all four remaining houseguests. He seems to think he will be allowed to play, because he is a senile, creepy old man. (Okay, the creepy has nothing to do with his not understanding the game, but he’s creepy anyway. He likes to watch Keesha workout.) I can’t wait to see his face when he figures out the next HOH will be one of Keesha, Dan and Memphis and that Jerry is most certainly going home next week.

I have to say, a Final Three of Keesha, Dan and Memphis isn’t bad. I don’t love Keesha, but I like her a damn sight more than Michelle, Libra, or April. Ideally, Angie would’ve made it this far, but if I can’t have her, Keesha isn’t terrible. I’m still hoping for a Dan and Memphis Final Two, however.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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