big brother 14 cast 'Big Brother' recap: A Neatly Organized WebYou may recall that HoH Ian nominated Frank and Jenn on Sunday. You may even care. Now we’re back in Day 56, and Frank Diary Rooms that Ian must still be mad at him over Britney’s exit, even though Ian was the only one who voted to keep her (and Dan was the one who engineered her exit, if you come right down to it). Jenn’s just thrilled to still be remotely relevant so she can boast in the DR about what a fighter she is. Even Dan can’t believe how well things are going for him. And Ian himself assures us that his nominations are almost completely strategic rather than personal. Which doesn’t really explain why Jenn is on the block. At all.

Jenn has a whispered conversation with Danielle, who reveals after several guesses that she “thinks” Frank is the target. Jenn’s nervous, but doesn’t say why. Danielle assures Jenn that she’ll be safe if the nominations don’t change, but Jenn isn’t fully assured. She thinks it’s because of the historical tendency of the pawn to go home, but in fact it’s the sound coming from behind her, which is Dan sharpening his knives.

Later, Frank comes out of the bathroom and tells Jenn they’ll be fine as long as one of the two of them is saved and Joe is nominated in their place. Because Frank thinks he’s still in a secret alliance with Dan and Danielle. You’d think Jenn might mention that Danielle just told her Frank’s the target. But of course Jenn doesn’t know about Danielle’s restored secret alliance with Ian. Or with Dan. I think Dan may be the only person who knows what’s actually going on in this house. He may even know more than we do.

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