big brother 13 cast premiere 'Big Brother' recap: DeregulationDressed like the year’s top Mary Kay saleswoman, Julie declares, “Eight newbies enter, six veterans return, and one legend prematurely exits the house.” At least it wasn’t immaturely. Well, as far as we know.

So then the previouslies remind us that the eight newbies started out allied against the six veterans. Then returning player Rachel won HoH, and she and the other veterans brought Porsche over to their side, which Porsche almost immediately screwed up by telling Keith about it. Then Rachel nominated Keith and Porsche so that Porsche could get four weeks of immunity in the form of the Golden Key. And then Dick bailed on the game for unexplained personal reasons, sidelining Daniele, while Keith started coming unglued. Keith and Porsche threw the Power of Veto competition and stayed on the block, each thinking they had the votes to stay and earn the Golden Key, but one of them is leaving tonight. Either way, I’m cool with it. Credits now include a shot of Dick on his last walk to the Diary Room, and we’re back in the studio with pink-suited Julie.

Julie verbally runs down the previouslies for us before throwing us to a replay of last night’s Veto ceremony, where Brendon and Rachel left Keith and Porsche as the nominees. It’s Day 9 as Keith gloats in the DR that Porsche’s on her way out and he’ll get the Golden Key. Porsche, of course, thinks the opposite. And Rachel DRs that at this point it’s smarter not to piss more people off than you have to. Is it possible she’s learned something?

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