big brother 13 cast premiere 'Big Brother' recap: Evening the Odds    AgainDraped in a leopard-skin tarp, with a cookie-press die slung around her neck, Julie welcomes us to a special live eviction episode, on a Wednesday. I’m always happy for any reason for there to be one less idiot in the house at the end of the night.

After previouslies and credits, Julie tells us it’s Day 68, and recaps all the stuff we just saw in the aforementioned previouslies, as she does. But just to remind you for a seventh time, Kalia and Porsche are the nominees, courtesy of HoH Rachel, if “courtesy” is the right word.

Flashback to the nomination ceremony. Rachel head-waggles in the Diary Room about how she’s coming after Kalia. Porsche and Kalia both DR that they’ll be fighting hard for the Veto. They can’t both win it, though.

But first, they…get in bed! Of course. They speculate that the only way to save both of them is for Adam to win the Veto, because if he saves one of them, Jordan becomes an automatic nominee. But of course that assumes that Adam will a) save either of them, or b) win his second competition of the summer. Those are two such large ifs I don’t know how they fit in the room.

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